Google Chrome: launched and tested

As promised, Google launched its Google Chrome browser (in beta), see announcement on the official blog and the site for download. The announcement is done even in page of Google, then surely many people will download and use for at least a few minutes. As every product launched by Google, comes with all a noise Press, blogs and the like. The question is whether it will be only the initial noise followed by oblivion, or if it will really catch.

The browser is now available also in Portuguese, I have done the installation and I am using it to make this post. Now describe my first impressions of it:

  • On first use imported Firefox settings (history, cookies, Saved Passwords, etc.);
  • It has a very clean interface, leaving maximum space for the pages;
  • The tabs are above the address bar;
  • The address bar has a dual function, is also the search form, just type the word to be searched there;
  • The status bar is floating and only appears while the page is loading, and yet is very small and discreet;
  • When ordering a new tab, appear “thumbnails” of the most accessed sites;
  • At the moment I have 5 open tabs and 8 processes “chrome.exe” in Task Manager, adding all gives a 150 MB of memory occupied;
  • The executable is 32 bits;
  • The option to restore the tabs that were open in the last run is not standard, but is present;
  • No title bar visible when the browser is maximized, nor any of the Google logo;
  • No support for add-ons like in Firefox;
  • Unlike other browsers, the F11 will not let him in full screen, but because of the lean interface that does not make such a lack;
  • No print preview yet, only direct printing.
For now this is, I will be using it for a while and then decide whether to continue with it or go back to the Firefox.
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