DealExtreme: Universal Remote Control 10 Appliances TV / VCR / DVD / VCD / AUX / SAT

The product is a review of this Universal Remote Control 10 Appliances TV / VCR / DVD / VCD / AUX / SAT (Universal 10-Device TV/VCR/DVD/VCD/AUX/SAT Remote Controller), I acquired to replace the remote control of a very old Sony Micro System (bought em 1994) I HAVE connected to the micro, to use only the function of auxiliary, since the CD player does not work anymore, AM / FM radio never caught many stations (Micro System as all) and cassette turned thing of the past. But like the sound of it is good and the speakers are quality, I left it connected to the computer onboard sound only to hear music (MP3, Online radios, etc.), whereas the set of boxes 5.1 is for movies and games. Since the remote that crashed Micro System has been somewhat laborious control volume, because it is outside the scope of who is using the micro. To fix the remote-control certainly spend more than $ 10,00, such universal control cost only 7,19 USD (R$ 11,92), I say that only because it was already run a good buy (I made the purchase in August, before that high dollar).

A purchase made na DealExtreme in 21/08, posted at 24/08, arrived in 08/09, just arrived 2 weeks running, was not taxed. In the package also came a Smart Fast Charger 4 Canais Auto-Stop for AA/AAA/9V baterias 6F22 Bty, which will be the next review, see photo package:

Pacote da DealExtreme

Packet DealExtreme

The declared value was 45 Hong Kong dollars as is the practice, which gives approximately $ 10,00, the package was declared as Gift (Present) and content as “Special Services, Eletronic Gadgets”, utilizei or Drop Shipment, and as already reported in the last purchase, no longer comes the name of an individual, but only one address (the sender is no more mailbox).

Now for the remote control, He came packaged and accompanied by instructions in several languages, including Portuguese and with a great variety of codes for various kinds of devices of different brands:

Controle Remoto Universal para 10 Aparelhos TV/VCR/DVD/VCD/AUX/SAT

Universal Remote Control 10 Appliances TV / VCR / DVD / VCD / AUX / SAT

The brand is CHUNGHOP, known Chinese brand remotes. In the layout of the keys is possible to observe the keys to configure 10 Aparelhos different, some common keys in DVD / CD players as Play, Stop, FF, Rew, Rec Pause e. Volume keys and channels, mute, TV/VCR (common in VCRs), keys, key contrast and brightness, and some more. It can be seen that the template is (RM-909th) is old, for the blue keys (Aparelho types) are: TV1, TV2, TV3, VCR1, VCR2, CBL, SAT, AUX1, E AUX2 AUX3, in other words, TVs, VCRs, end, satellite, auxiliary, but no mention of more modern equipment such as DVD Player or Home Theater, although there are different codes for DVD Players in manual.

Controle Remoto Universal para 10 Aparelhos TV/VCR/DVD/VCD/AUX/SAT

Universal Remote Control 10 Appliances TV / VCR / DVD / VCD / AUX / SAT

Configuration can be done manually by entering the code for the device to be controlled, which can be obtained in the manual, ou automatically, in automatic mode you connect the device to be controlled and the control attempts to shut it down with several different encodings, each one 1,5 second, when he gets off the phone you press any key to interrupt the search and save the configuration.

My first test was with the Micro System for which it was purchased, worked with one of the codes of the manual, but gives only to turn on and control the volume, um so frustrating, But as I will not use the other functions I can say that it served the purpose for which it was purchased.

My second test was with an old TV also imported, by brand Peconic, for which there is no code listed in the instruction manual, in this case I used the automatic search and within seconds found the correct code, worked the volume keys, channel, mute, TV/Video (na TV / VCR), Display (instead of REC), and even number keys functioned (the original has no control keys), keys for brightness and contrast also did not work (they also do not exist in the original control).

I also made quick tests with a Sony TV, that worked with the basic functions, including brightness and contrast that are not present in the original control, but lacked a key to access the menu. The same happened on a VCR and a DVD player Gradient Philips, both worked with the basic functions but should become a menu key, Tests did not play with the buttons, stop, etc. why was not the goal now, perhaps make more calmly future. Also tested in a Sky decoder RCA brand (also by automatic search) worked properly and changing channels, keys, information, etc. but were missing keys to navigate menus Mosaic.

Completing: the remote met my expectations to work with the micro system, and surprised me to control an unknown brand of imported TV and a VCR Gradient (What is not known outside), but not completely replaces the remote-control apparatus younger, apparently the manual has been updated, New codes are included, but the layout and the keys still somewhat delayed for appliances today, so I recommend it to anyone who wants to have a single control to control the simplest functions of various equipments (TV, DVD, etc.), because there is a possibility to set up 10 appliances simultaneously or to replace remote controls simpler (without access to menus).

Who wants to shell out more, prune acquire another model that Also the Chunghop, more modern, and get “learn” codes from any other control (via an infrared receiver), and thus control virtually any device, Aparelhos inclusive of air conditional. It is an interesting option for those who want to leave the controls of TV, VCR, DVD, home theater, decoder satellite or cable tv, air conditional, etc. the drawer and control all devices with only one, I'll let you in my “wish list” for a more distant future.

Wait for the review of Smart Fast Charger 4 Channel Auto-Stop batteries AA/AAA/9V 6F22 BTY what is next. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

Update: serving the order of Florencio I'm disponibilizando Code Table Chunghop Universal Remote Control RM-909E, I hope it can also be useful for other readers.

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florencio duarte

hello I have a problem, lost the remote control codes (Universal Remote RM-909E, appreciate it if they send me.
thank you

Diego carvalho

hello I lost the manual for the remote control code(Universal Remote RM-909E) I would like you to send me


Very good. Can you make the most funções.Essa list of codes also gives other commands universal(just ask for some attention 3 digits. For this omits is the zero the enicio the code).I can not access the MENU . Council: save original commands and uses los.Comprar not a universal command for substituir.So use the originals in case of emergency. EX.: change settings.

António Ferreira

I lost the list of codes universal remote RM-909E wish someone would send me the. thank you

Gilmar Coast


In your second test you talk about an instruction manual of the TV Peconic.
You can make a copy of this manual, because I need to make very few adjustments to tune the channels.

Carlos H. Lamb

Would this manual tb

but I can not see the download link


Hello. I wonder how the automatic configuration, because the codes are not the mark of my television.
Thank you

Felipe Jonathan

I wonder how the purchase is carried out on that site because it is in English, which money to be used, I'll have to pay more, type you paid something I do not know what is, Shipping was free and what you posted on this site was very good giving a big help. Thank you….


I would like to send me , please, or do manuel full controle remote CHUNGHOP RM 909E UNIVERSAL REMOTE


I would like dassem full manual remote control br President-2010 universal tv remote


codigo do lose or remote controle President br-2010 universal tv remote


Hello!I would like saber is programmed commands universal Chunghop,L102E.Obrigada models



Ana Silva

Hello. I wonder how the automatic configuration, because the codes are not the mark of my television.
Thank you


Manuals for this in many other commands can be found here:

PDF specific to the model mentioned in the text is that:


For those who do not know English or are lazy, works well:
Auto Mode:

Ligar a TV, Check if the command has batteries etc.:

1 – Pressionar to Tecla TV1 (Configure Device 1, 2 for the 2, 3 for the 3 etc, been given to set 3 TV, 2 VIDEOs, Satellite etc etc)

2 – Press and hold down “SET” and then the key “Disconnect – is the red button on top of the command)

3 – When the little light flashes, freedom keys.

4 – Keep the command pointed to the TV (Video, etc)

5 – When a TV (Video etc.,) disconnect, press any key command.

6 – It is configured. CH button +/- to turn the unit, Flight +/- Sound level for the red button and top-off.



Daniela Martins

I have managed to put my TV (A Fenner) disconnecting, change channels by CH and connecting…
But I can not search the channels… How can I do it? It is very urgent :’) Thanks for the help to see was precious!

Artan de paiva

my dvd and tec toy there is a universal control code him grateful

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