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DealExtreme: Rechargeable 9V 280mAh Ni-MH BTY

In this application the DealExtreme were 3 Rechargeable 9V 280mAh Ni-MH BTY, My first purchase using Bulkrate, the individual price was 4,61 USD, if buying 3 would 13,83 U.S. dollar, and still have to add something to complete 15 or shipping dollars and get registered. The price for bulkrate 3 parts was 3,88 U.S. dollar, so would 11,64 U.S. dollar + 1,70 do BulkRate U.S. dollars, totaling 13,34 dollars and with the tracking code without having to buy another extra product.

BTY batteries are not the best of the Chinese market, tend to exaggerate the specifications, thus 280mAh should be somewhat less, say something like 200mAh, but it is the only brand that had there, but considering that the real price was £ 22,13 (I chose the conversion of PayPal and escaped to high dollar), each battery out for about £ 7,38, little cheaper than a 9V alkaline battery Rayovac costs in the supermarket, so if she endure at least some refills, already compensated, since it is not rechargeable alkaline.

The DealExtreme package came as Gift (I used “Drop Shipment and Gift Service”) declared value and com 45 Hong Kong dollars as of Costume, the description of the content came as “Special Services, Batteries”. Request made in 22/08, sent em 24/08 and got em 08/09, was not taxed.

Pacote da DealExtreme

Packet DealExtreme

The batteries come each in its respective package, As can be seen in the picture, the batteries appear to be clean cut, with no visible defect. Each also has its respective serial number at the bottom.

DealExtreme: Baterias Recarregáveis 9V Ni-MH 280mAh BTY

Rechargeable 9V 280mAh Ni-MH BTY

DealExtreme: Baterias Recarregáveis 9V Ni-MH 280mAh BTY

Rechargeable 9V 280mAh Ni-MH BTY

Baterias Recarregáveis 9V Ni-MH 280mAh BTY

Rechargeable 9V 280mAh Ni-MH BTY

Baterias Recarregáveis 9V Ni-MH 280mAh BTY

Rechargeable 9V 280mAh Ni-MH BTY

I put two of them on their newly acquired Intelligent Fast Carregador 4 Canais Auto-Stop for AA/AAA/9V baterias 6F22 Bty (100~ 240V AC) and after about an hour were both charged, too fast, but it may be that they have already come with a certain amount of load, depending on the date of manufacture is common remain a bit of load, since they are packed loaded, even not using the same Tecnologia das Eneloop.

Baterias Recarregáveis 9V Ni-MH 280mAh BTY no carregador inteligente também da BTY

Rechargeable batteries 9V Ni-MH 280mAh BTY in smart charger also the BTY

After loading, both were measured on the meter and indicated values ​​of approximately 9,4V, which was a pleasant surprise, since the rechargeable 9V batteries actually contains 6 or 7 1.2V cells (the same voltage of AA and AAA batteries that replace the traditional 1.5V), so the rechargeable batteries in general have actually 7.2V or 8.4V. In rare cases are 8 1.2V cells, totaling 9,6V. In general, these voltage differences are not a problem, as a common 9V alkaline battery only has when it comes out of the housing, and as will spending the voltage decreases, unlike rechargeable, that maintains its rated voltage for the entire payload and then drops rapidly when the load is at the end. I do not know if these BTY batteries use 7 or 8 cells, the most likely use only 7, and that this higher initial tension is due to each cell to be keeping a low voltage higher than 1.3V, which is also common, as is typical voltage 1.2V, common but they show a little more, and AA and AAA batteries have sometimes voltage of about 1.3V. The test was done in RJ45 ends testator, Rj11 and USB, Also acquired in DealExtreme, that uses a 9V battery, it worked perfectly.

For now this is, I will do a better review when you have made more use of batteries. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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Jose maria da silva

I wonder what is the value of two 9-volt batteries with the intelligent fast charger auto stop channel.