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Another package arrived today with several items cheap DealExtreme, the purchase was made on the day 24/08, sent on 03/09. The delay in sending occurred because one of the items was missing and I asked them not to do and send partial shipments only when all items were there, preventing packets were sent without registration, since the mail already lost Brazilian 3 My packages (in other words 20% of my packages, one of them had even record). Or pacote saiu no dia de Hong Kong 05/08 and according to the Brazilian Correios (whose tracking system is unreliable), the package arrived in Brazil on 12/09, and was sent the same day to GMEXP / SITC / SPM – SAO PAULO / SP. The next information is that it arrived in my town the day 22/09 (today) and it was delivered. It took 19 days, was not taxed, all within the expected. I still have not delay in trouble, only loss even same, and so I know that moving from 30 days is because disappeared, believe they are the mailing own employees stealing packages, after all, here is Brazil.

But back to the package that arrived, Products were these:

I gathered a number of items for the application of this 15 dollars and so I could send registered (with tracking code). All come in an envelope with declared value as 35 Hong Kong dollars (and praxe), I used the Drop Shipment and so it came as a Gift (present). A DealExtreme declared the contents as: “Professional Tools, Music/Performance, LifeStyle Gadgets, Special Services, Electronic Gadgets, Card Readers, Cable Management”, description somewhat exaggerated but spent a good without being open. Apparently each item has its own description and the DX system puts the description of each of which were placed in the package on the product label, so professional tool is the anti-static wrist strap, the music / performance is the harmonica, the trinket lifestyle is the key chain, the special service is the Drop Shipment, the card reader is obviously the reader and do not ask me what it is that a correction tape has to do with cable management because I do not know.

Pacote da DealExtreme

Packet DealExtreme

Each product of this package will have its individual review in the coming days, which should take a while because my time walking through sparse. Meanwhile, if you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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