DealExtreme: Anti-Static Pulseira (Static Dissipative Wrist Strap)

Starting today I will be doing the review of products DealExtreme that no vieram last packet. The first is the Anti-Static Pulseira (Static Dissipative Wrist Strap), which serves to eliminate static electricity which may accumulate in the body to reduce the risk of damaging the electronic components to handle them, as in assembly / maintenance of computers for example. I think we all have gone through a situation of a shock due to static electricity, is touching something metal after walking shoe with rubber soles on a carpet, lateria is playing in the car after a long trip that combines some kind of padding with a certain type of clothing, or even touching the other person and both a shock lead. We feel this shock in the discharge when the accumulated tension is already very high, in the thousands of volts. An electronic component may be more sensitive and be permanently damaged with much less tension, then it is always good to take care.

I will not enter the merits of this bracelet efficiency, which unlike the more traditional forms, does not have a wire to be grounded, and this causes some controversy among the experts as to their efficiency. So I'll leave that discussion pro staff that understands electricity / electronics and confine myself to explain the operation and display photographs.

The bracelet came in this box somewhat dented by the mistreatment mail, interestingly it is made in China and most of the products of DealExtreme, but in Taiwan:

Pulseira Anti-Estática

Packaging Anti-Static Wristband

On the back of the box have some values ​​that indicate good (or poorly) bracelet operation. I made measurements on the bracelet with a multimeter and the values ​​obtained were within the expected range:

Pulseira Anti-Estática

Part of Behind The Anti-Static Packaging Bracelet

And here the bracelet, actually came two bracelets and a buckle, within that blue box there is a high value resistor (but 1 MegaOhm ≡ 1.000.000 Ohms), I can not remember now the colors to say accurately value. The fabric of the bracelets using a conductive material, I believe that is the black part, which means that the entire piece of fabric, but the bottom of the buckle (which is metal) are connected to one end of resistor, while the other is connected to something within that box and screw it on:

Pulseira Anti-Estática

Anti-Static Pulseira

And here we see the bottom of the buckle, all metal:

Pulseira Anti-Estática

Part of the Low of the Anti-Static Bracelet Buckle

And here the bracelet being used:

Pulseira Anti-Estática

Anti-Static Pulseira

Completing, I do not know how effective this bracelet is, maybe I should use it on a day-to-day, já que veio sendo vítima da eletricidade estática 🙂 apesar de nunca ter danificado nenhum componente eletrônico (I know). Ultimately, how badly it does, I shall certainly use it when touching the PC. I think the only 1,95 dollar it cost to be a good investment, as it can save equipment costing hundreds of dollars.

The harmonica review is the next and is soon to appear, and there, as I say semper: if you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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