“Journalist” UOL's not like evangelicals?

Out in Blog of the UOL Esporte Writing:

'Good boy', Kaka plays the seductive before reading the Bible


Kaka's life off the pitch is troubled. Next week, the Brazilian midfielder will participate in a program on Italian TV that will read from the Bible Pope Benedict side 16.

But before that, the 'good guy' Kaka will appear in advertising campaigns in Brazil in an unconventional way: giving paints seductive. This was the profile that an Italian designer watches decided to explore with the launch of a new line whose poster boy will be the best player in the world 2007.


In the photo released by designer, Kaka comes with slightly messy hair, adjusting a tie, and with a look that will make a lot of Brazilian end up wasting time.

Obviously “journalist” (same quotes, a resource that people also seem to like a lot, Since used both in title and in “news”, with new quote) has something against Kaka or against Evangelicals in General, Since no one could understand what it is to read the Bible with the Pope has to do with doing an ad campaign, and worst of all was the title 100% appealing. UOL should select your journalists and employees, so we wouldn't be forced to read calls to a crap logo on the main page of portal. The comments of the news show the negative reaction from most readers. Note 0 Pro UOL.

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