DealExtreme: Cartridges Mach 3 Gillette Revolucionario with triple lâmina (Pack of 4) (Gillette Mach3 Revolutionary Triple-Blade (4-Pack))

Hoje farei o review dos Cartridges Mach 3 Gillette Revolucionario with triple lâmina (Pack of 4) (Gillette Mach3 Revolutionary Triple-Blade (4-Pack)) purchased at DealExtreme.

The application was done on days 06/08/2008, sent on 11/08/2008, arrived in Brazil on 14/08/2008 and then simply disappeared and remains missing to this day! The tracking of international Correios continuous indicating that arrived in Brazil on the day 14/08/2008 and tracking national he never appeared.

Realizing that packages that had been ordered had arrived after a long time, I contacted the Post Office, desconversar who tried at first, message sent in as 28/08/2008:

“As reported earlier the object in question has not lodged in this unit for delivery, we can only tell you that the object lodged in the Country 14/08 in Rio de Janeiro and yet there was no release of the same. We will follow and so the input object in this unit we will be making the delivery.”

In a second contact, in 01/09/2008 the post office tried to put the blame at customs:

I notice the release of the object, depends exclusively on the federal revenue agents estremos waiting for us to make delivery at the destination address.”

And finally 19/09/2008, after several attempts to contact the post office finally assumed that the lost packet:

Please be advised that we find non-compliance in the provision of our service that caused the non-delivery to the recipient object code RA857314365HK. As international postal standards, Post belongs to the object sender until it has been delivered to the recipient. Thus the retraction by financial service provision should not be made to sender. We signaling the Postal Administration of origin in relation to the matter, requesting that compensation be provided to the sender. However, the sender will need to formalize complaint with the Postal Administration of origin so that the compensation process is started. So, orienting ask the sender about. We present our apologies for the inconvenience and we remain at your disposal for further clarifications that may be necessary.”

Resumindo or blah-blah-blah all, they lost the package. And already my third package they lose, But that was the first record. It is very strange that packages simply disappear, then I think it is more likely that employees are stealing packages that seem valuable, because impunity is guaranteed, Brazil is finally, and the company is one of the worst state.

A DealExtreme, was already aware of these events contacted the post office in Hong Kong, and even before confirming the irregularity already sent another package with the same products, note 10 to DealExtreme and note 0 to the Post Office.

The second package was sent on 19/09/2008, saiu de Hong Kong em 25/09/2008, arrived in Brazil em 29/09/2008 and was delivered in 04/10/2008. I was surprised at the speed with which arrived, only 5 days after arriving in Brazil, Customs was apparently cooperating releasing the package quickly (or will not he mistakenly stopped by?), No. gives to wonder why only through the national tracking consists of the date of arrival in Canada and the date it went out for delivery, mail did not put any of the other steps in the screening, which is almost always.

And here's the photo package, who as usual came with a declared value in 45 Hong Kong dollars, declared content “Special Services” and “Healthy/Beauty”. Utilizei or Drop Shipment. The package was not taxed.

Pacote da DealExtreme

Packet DealExtreme

Now for the products, I decided to buy the Cartridges Mach 3 Gillette Revolucionario with triple lâmina (Pack of 4) (Gillette Mach3 Revolutionary Triple-Blade (4-Pack)) because of the price, Here in Brazil a box with two of these cartridges will cost in the range of U.S. $ 18,00 no supermarket, approximately R $ 9,00 per cartridge. O Mach 3 and variants appear to be the best commercially available blades, and serve in any razor series. Na DealExtreme, 3 canister cartridge Mach 3 with 4 cartridges each (12 Total no cartridges), cost 8,20 dollars each, e but 1,70 do BulkRate U.S. dollars, but 1 cent do drop-shipment, totaling 26,31 U.S. dollar, that the conversion of PayPal on day of purchase gave £ 42,52 real (late time that the dollar still cost $ 1,62, Who would imagine that in less than 2 months he would reach R $ 2,20 how come today?). Dividing the $ 42,52 by 12 cartridges have a cost of U.S. $ 3,54 per cartridge, less than half of what it costs in Brazil, then no doubt a great buy.

Now for the product photos, we see that in the first three boxes, with inscriptions in Chinese and English:

Embalagens de cartuchos Mach 3 da Gillette vindos da China

Embalagens of cartridges Mach 3 Gillette vindos from China

Here the rear, with inscriptions in English and Chinese again, two of them there is an adhesive over a portion of the barcode, for reasons unknown to. Inscriptions in the box that it is manufactured in Hong Kong even, Procter shell & Gamble Hong Kong Ltd. and imported by Procter & Gamble (S) Pte Ltd. The Cingapura (Singapore the spelling used in Portugal), so apparently the fate of these blades manufactured in Hong Kong would be Singapore (to be able to read the texts click on the photo to see it full size in the gallery, and click on the photo gallery to see it in original size):

Embalagens de cartuchos Mach 3 da Gillette vindos de Hong Kong

Embalagens of cartridges Mach 3 as Gillette vindos the Hong Kong

Here the package containing the acrylic internal 4 Cartridges:

Embalagem interna acrílica com 4 cartuchos Mach 3 da Gillette

Inner packing with acrylic 4 Mach cartridges 3 by Gillette

And here the same packaging with acrylic 4 Cartridges, view from another angle:

Embalagem acrílica com 4 cartuchos de Mach 3 da Gillette

Packaging acrylic 4 Mach cartridges 3 by Gillette

And here's a picture with the serial number on the box acrylic, is important to check this characteristic that is an indication that the cartridges are really unique, because the fake usually not contain such a numbering, according to information this website:

Número de série na embalagem acrílica dos Mach 3, indício de que o produto é genuíno

Serial number on the packaging of acrylic Mach 3, indication that the product is genuine

The cartridge seen up close, with a good finish and well aligned blades, More evidence originality:

Cartucho Mach 3 da Gillette importado de Hong Kong

Mach Cartucho 3 when Gillette Importados the Hong Kong

And here the back of the same cartridge, again a good finish:

Cartucho Mach 3 da Gillette, importado de Hong Kong

Mach Cartucho 3 by Gillette, imported from Hong Kong

And finally the cartridge installed on my shaver Mach 3 Turbo, ready for use:

Cartucho Mach 3 instalado no barbeador Mach 3 Turbo

Mach Cartucho 3 installed on the shaver Mach 3 Turbo

And more close this review here, waiting just another package DealExtreme, which was taxed in aburdos 150% the value of the product, a stand-Remote control Subaru WRC2006, modelo Rally (Subaru WRC2006 Remote Controlled R/C Rally Model Car), and was therefore sent back to the IRS for review. Was taxed probably be great and be in a box, rather than envelope as in all my other requests, review because it does not guarantee one will return it if it does not meet my request for review. I'm not waiting on any other package because the high dollar was quite daunting, I will wait and download before thinking about new purchases.

If you want to face the high dollar, or are reading this post once exchange milder, and also want to make their purchases in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping. Participates also in DealExtreme busiest community in Orkut and share their opinions about products, delivery, doubts, etc.

if you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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Valeu to shame? Só uso Match 3! It's just like the Brazil? I'll buy now!


Do 3 not worth it. To me it gets a shave much better to use the probak II bought in packaging 12 or 24 units and each change 2 weeks. It's cheaper than mach 3 (counting device and refills) and the new blade is new, despite 3 the blades after two 3 weeks no longer the same shaves, begins to pull, e tal…

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Adriel Pereira

I stopped buying on ebay and dealextreme, reason: delay in delivery… here in Brazil is very slow… all ebay sellers complain about the post here….

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