The scam the prejuízos of piracy

The Silvio Meira today published on his blog an article on piracy, that is something very interesting that the accuracy of the data is that the film industry, the Phonographic Industry, etc. used to justify the creation of more and more laws retrograde. Data are simplesmentes kicks and more kicks.

Whenever RIAA, MPAA and the like speak in losses to piracy part is a false assumption that the number of fakes sold is equal to the number of documents that are no longer sold. For example, imagine this 100.000 computers in Brazil use a pirated Windows and that the cost of the Windows license is U.S. $ 500,00. This means a loss of 50 million reais for Microsoft, some? All wrong! If there was no piracy many of these computers would be using some Linux distribution, many have not even been sold, since it would be more expensive due to the original operating system, and so on.

The same applies to music, videos and whatever is: who would really buy all the CDs from any music you have already downloaded, is to save, is to listen and play out? And in the case of designer products? Often with an original purchase price up 100 counterfeit, many who pay £ 10,00 glasses at a street vendor ever pay £ 1000,00 in the original.

Apart from all this is the issue of disclosure promoted by piracy, is not rare for someone to download a song and then buy the whole CD. Download a game or software to test and then buy the original. It is not because a Star Wars fan downloaded the video to see before you get in the cinema, he will buy a ticket to see on the big screen or stop buying the DVD when it is released.

Ultimately, what I mean by all this is that the losses are far from it so that disclose, and maybe instead of injury there is even a small profit in some specific cases.

Having said all this, I recommend you read the article he is a she, bit a bit, which is quite interesting and deals with many other aspects beyond that I quoted.

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Well, muitos cantores começaram a ter alguma fama, quando tiveram suas músicas pirateadas.
Fico pensando, e os responsáveis por divulgar, não conseguiram colocar uma boa música nas rádios, mas os piratas conseguiram.

Grace and Peace!

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