Brazil has the fifth worst broadband in the world

Study of Cisco Systems named “Broadband Quality Score” (BQS, in free translation, score for quality broadband) points out that Brazil has the fifth worst broadband world, second only to Cyprus, Mexico, China and India.

Source: UOL Technology

Palmas who made this possible.

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I know what I suffer with a Velox that NEVER decides to offer a broader band than 600 kbps that I have. Every time I call there, it's the same thing, they say “there is still no faster connection available for your area”…

And look what it already does 2 I’ve been listening to this from their telephone operators.

Why don't I move to another provider? Simple, because here where I live there is no NETVírtua because of an exchange-exchange of favors with the outsourced company that transmits NET's programming here, and all other remaining providers can be even worse than Velox.

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