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PayPal, Payment in U.S. dollars or reais

I already informed in some previous articles that PayPal now lets their purchases abroad, including DealExtreme, be charged to the credit card in two different ways:

  • In real: In this case the actual conversion does PayPal, the dollar the date of purchase plus a conversion rate that is already built into the price of the dollar, for example, fechou is no day or dollar before R $ 1,80 PayPal will charge somewhere around £ 1,83. This option has the advantage that the value shown by closed and PayPal will be the amount paid on credit card bill, so if the dollar rises until payment of the invoice the buyer will not prejudice, This was especially useful for purchases made before September the dollar shooting. On the other hand, in times of high dollar with downward trend is possible that the buyer ends up in disadvantaged, mas at least you will be sure of the amount to be paid.
  • Em dollars: in this case the PayPal charges for the same dollars, leaving the conversion to the operator's credit card. Operators are converting the dollar payday invoice, also usually charging a bit beyond the official listing. The invoice is issued with the reais equivalent to the dollar value with the price on the day of issue, and if any variation between the day of issue and the date of payment that difference will be charged or credited to the next bill. This option is generally not very advantageous because it is that uncertainty, and nowadays volatile dollar is possible that between the purchase and payment of the invoice there is a wide variation. Ultimately, with this option the buyer gains if the dollar down and loses if the dollar rises, and may try to maximize the profit or minimize loss choosing the date you will pay the invoice (generally have a 10 days between issuance and expiration date). It is the most risky option usually.

Now one alert: not all operators accept credit cards to charge actual PayPal, it is known that at least one value of real reconverted into U.S. dollars using the exchange rate of the day of purchase and then reconverted to the quotation with actual date of invoice payment, and there is injury accurate for those who buy, pay for two conversion rates and still have the same insecurities that had been levied in dollars. And unfortunately it seems that this practice is not disclosed, then turn left on 0800 operator, ask and expect the clerk give the right answer, which unfortunately does not always happen.

I'm now trying to ascertain what are the operators who accept the charge on real and which do not accept PayPal. For now we only have a few names and there is no guarantee that this list is correct, so use it at your own risk.

Operators / banks that accept the charge on real:

  • Santander
  • Unibanco
  • Banco do Brasil
  • HSBC [2]
  • Bradesco [3]

Operators / banks that make conversion to dollars and then back to real:

  • Itaú
  • Real [1]
  • CEF [4]
  • Citybank [5]

Operators / banks that PayPal does not give the option to purchase real:

  • American Express

It seems to me also that Amex does not give the option to be billed for actual, but I can not confirm. And admit it's better not give that option to the option and then not accept it.

If you have ever shopped in DealExtreme, or any international store, using PayPal and the option to be billed for actual, please let us know in the comments if recovery in real and what was done correctly the operator your credit card to complete our list.

[1] Arthur dica, Caio Vinicius and in comments. The Arthur accepted the charge on real unlike other.
[2] tip in the comments of Rafael Roman
[3] Diogo's tip in the comments
[4] Bruno's tip in the comments
[5] tell by Marcela

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