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Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary e Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, direto from Amazon.com

To say that not only do reviews of products DealExtreme, I decided to make this time a review of products purchased in Amazon.com. In times unstable dollar, shopping at Amazon is more complicated, because the dollar will necessarily be converted at the exchange rate of the day of payment of the invoice, since there is no option to pay via PayPal and therefore there is no way to make instant conversion to real. But I decided to make this purchase because the dollar price was very good, compensate an eventual loss to the instability of the dollar.

Before buying a used tip is not worth checking before you buy on Amazon Canada, to take advantage of the Canadian dollar is cheaper, but in this case, a request for being low in, not compensated. Buying on Amazon Canada with shipping cheaper to give a saving of just under £ 10,00, but the delivery would be more than 2 months.

Purchase made on 17/10, sent on the same day, and arrived here in 29/10, only 12 calendar days, excellent, since I used the cheapest shipping (economic) and of their own Amazon has a delivery date estimated to be between 14/11 and 05/12, in other words, arrived well before expected. The delivery was made by a car Sedex, but did not have to sign anything, apparently sending economic record is done without. There was no taxation, or was expected, since books are exempt from import tax.

Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary e Cambridge Advanced Learners Dictionary

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary e Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary

Now for the books: are two dictionaries for English “advanced learners”, the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary and the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary with CD-ROM, in both hardcover version (hardcover). The dictionaries from Oxford and Cambridge are certainly among the best English dictionaries, together with Longman, Webster, etc. Dictionaries “Advanced Learner’s” are targeted to people who do not speak English natively, but they are advanced students in language. Of course, someone who speaks English fluently so advanced or can quietly use any dictionary of English that native speakers use, as in the case of Cambridge International Dictionary of English, that was my only English-English dictionary printed for more than a decade. But dictionaries “Advanced Learner’s” has special appeal for those who are not native: use a relatively small set of words to make a description of all entries, so that typical situation where you search for a word that does not know the definition of it and find another word or words you do not know and will have to look for them also. In addition they also have examples of use of the phrases that are useful, tells if the floor is formal, informal, slang, etc. Both also cover both American English and the British, including providing different spellings and pronunciations, existam case. O Oxford tem 183.500 words, phrases and meanings, but 85.000 example sentences, beyond 7.000 synonyms and antonyms. The Cambridge also has notes of common errors and says how often the word is used: the most commonly used words are marked in one of three categories: Essential, Improver ou Advanced, so that the reader can focus on learning these essential words in fluent communication. Both have sections with color illustrations for a few words in that definition with an image is much more enlightening than a setting with dozens of words. In this section of Oxford have: maps, Car parts and types, Boat, Computer, musical instruments, aircraft, buildings, kitchen objects, fruits and vegetables, garment, housing, health, animals, sports and extreme sports. In this section of Cambridge have: kitchen objects, fruits, vegetables, food, health, body position, sports, garment, types of hair and hats, human body, computers, office supplies, planes, aircraft, shipping, cars, Trucks, housing, flowers, plants, musical instruments and maps. The appendices are also both very interesting and useful information.

Both versions are also available on CD-ROM accompanied by, that are especially practical when working with your computer and want to use them, with efficient search words. Both in Cambridge and in Oxford you can hear the pronunciation of each word recorded, both in British English and in American English, which is quite better than interpreting the code used to encode the pronunciation of printed versions.

I conclude that both dictionaries (Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary and Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary) are excellent options for anyone who has a good knowledge in English, and both have a very affordable price by buying directly from Amazon (Brazilian bookstores is hard to find and when you are usually much more expensive or outdated versions). Beginners should still opt in Portuguese dictionaries with definitions and / or translations. Who is fluent and can spend more may opt for Shorter Oxford English Dictionary: Sixth Edition, I do not personally know, but that seems to be very good and very thorough with his two volumes, also covers both British English and the American, is certainly a dictionary that I wish I could acquire in the future. And do not be fooled by “shorter” do title, he is only small because the large, called The Oxford English Dictionary, has 20 volumes(!) and costs over 800 U.S. dollar, say it is a veritable encyclopedia of the English language.

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