Senate bill bans half price on weekends and holidays

A project under discussion in the Senate can change how the student card is currently used for the purchase of tickets at half price. The proposal also applies to the benefit granted to people over 60 years.

Among other things, the text states that the half price will not be worth in theaters on weekends and holidays local or national. For all other events, as plays and concerts, the half price is not worth from Thursday to Saturday, if the project is approved.

Source: UOL News

These Brazilian senators are even genius, o estudante que estuda a noite e só pode ir no cinema em finais de semanas e feriados vai precisar faltar da aula pra ir no cinema? But anyway, coming from the senate you could not expect anything better…

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Mais uma genialidade proposta pelo excelentíssimo

Maiores informações sobre o projeto, podem ser vistas nesse texto do blog SkooterWeb; e nesse texto do blog Nódoa do Universo….