nov 05 2008

Akinator, genius guesser

The Zanardi passed me the URL of that site with an artificial intelligence program very interesting, is Akinator, a genius to guess who is the character (real ou ficcional) What are you thinking through some questions you should answer. If he does not hit, ask who is the person you thought, and so learn from the mistake.

It is the first software of its kind, because I've seen one of these a few years ago, but is the first with an animated interface and thus should achieve greater success. Available in English, French, and a German language represented by the flag of Israel (probably Hebrew or Arabic), therefore still owes a Portuguese version.

I played 4 times, he hit the first two: Pelé e Ayrton Senna. So I decided to choose less obvious characters: Geraldo Alckmin e Juninho Afram, and these two he missed, but both were already in the database it, indicating that it was not the first to think. If you took a greater number of issues he probably would hit much.

Visit the Akinator Estates aqui and then tell me in the comments what he guessed wrong and what.

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