nov 06 2008

Campaign for organ donation (Doggie video) gives Y&R

Chaves was watching today, that SBT decided to go back (Congratulations SBT!), and during the interval saw this video campaign for organ donation, produced by agency Y&R:

With so much to see commercial crude we have on TV today (those that make me imagine how anyone who spends 4 years in college can make such crap) I ended up surprising me with this, creative and exciting, so I made sure to disclose.

I do not know if there will be any impact on the number of donors, but certainly not justified Such criticisms. It is obvious that the transplanted donor NON inherit characteristics, and that in real life the commercial never happen, but this did not detract from the merit video, which in my opinion is not intended for food superstitions, Superstitions, but to make people think, as well as make good movies, even those who know that they can not be real. This comment is unrelated to the Movie cited by Saporra, because I have not seen, mas to name um example: Waiting for a Miracle (The Green Mile) is fiction, but excites and makes people think.

And to finish to dissent from André I also say that I am against any mandatory donation, because I think this decision is the person and the family, because regardless of the organs being a clump of cells that will die anyway when the owner dies or not, we must respect the choices and beliefs of “owners” these respective organs. Moreover, almost everything I am against mandatory: vote in elections, serviço military, etc. because all this stuff is backward country.

Full congratulating the people who produced the video, Roberto Justus being a nice guy or not, billion earning the company or not. After all that has so much advertising makes millions doing crap like commercial soap powder Ace. Moreover, think anybody makes a laundry detergent commercial that pay since the As (Bombril) market plunged, who made an advertisement mocking propaganda Omo when there was a comparison of soap powder, in which Carlos Moreno (poster boy of Bombril) interviewing the actresses being disguised to play the role of housewife, etc. Very funny, penalty not found on Youtube.

But'm stopping here before I talk to about a dozen issues that have nothing to do with the post. 🙂

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