Back to the sandbox…

In July, shortly after Skooter Blog undergo a change of domain and server, I wrote here about the difficulty of change on account of search systems. After 4 months, MSN Search continues ignoring me, having indexed so far only 8 pages. Have Google, has indexed about today 35.000 pages, far less than even last, but in mid-October he finally got me out of Sandbox and began to send many visitors to here, much more so than I received in the old domain, and every day more improved, to… today! Yes, today, from nowhere, Google decided to play Skooter Blog for the latest positions in virtually all searches, sending almost zero visitors here in the last hours.

Sandbox oscilante? Punishment? Do not know yet, probably never know because Google says nothing, explains nothing and their algorithms are unclear. The way is to wait and hope that one day the Skooter Blog can be appreciated by Google again…

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