DealExtreme: batteries AG13/LR44, AG3/LR41, 23A and CR2032, cyanoacrylate glue and toast with DX Points

Recently I noticed that my PC was losing date / time settings and turn off the, strong indication that the battery of the motherboard was already. Instead of buying a battery here and pay at least a £ 5,00 it, I decided to take a look at DealExtreme to see what they find and ended up finding this pack com 20 CR2032 batteries by 3,67 U.S. dollar, what that dollar even with absurdly high gives a cost of less than U.S. $ 0,50 by battery, and therefore seemed like an excellent deal. To complete the 15 dollars and the shipment completed the purchase be registered with many other types of batteries that also use and are expensive here, just ordered one pack com 50 AG13 LR44 batteries (em worn out laser Canetas, minigames and many more devices), um pack com 100 AG3 LR41 batteries (to menorzinha, used in digital thermometers, in Ink caneta invisível, among others), and an pack com 5 GP 23A Battery (used in remote controls and related). Moreover also includes a cola de cyanoacrylate (our lands in the cyanoacrylate adhesive best known is the famous Super Bonder). To complete I decided to use some DX points which had accumulated to ask for a toast, Did one of the Clau pets powered by solar energy that nod (Cute Solar Powered Sunny Nohohon People), there he was on the drawing pink, but ended up coming a orange. Thus includes toast in the same package (the gifts may be included in any package request and has not yet been posted).

Shortly after placing the order I sent a message to DealExtreme, pelo Customer Service Express, asking not to send anything apart, preventing packages come without registration, what the other times they fulfilled to the letter. But this time they decided not to meet, sent items from the original request in a registered package on 04/11, and the toast was sent on 06/11 Without Registration, I do not know why they have done this, but when I saw the size of the gift thought it ended up being good, because although there was an envelope inside was evident that he had a box big girl, which could increase the chance of being taxed.

The package left registered in Hong Kong 06/11, arrived in Brazil em 10/11, in my town 18/11 Mail and then decided to make a joke, the first delivery attempt has “Recipient Ausente”, so far so good, maybe they really have been, but in the second trial, in 19/11, there were people all day, including the postman delivered another letter in my hand, I asked about the package of DX and he said he had nothing, and late in the afternoon appeared wool “Recipient Ausente” again. I decided to call the distribution center to know what happened and the clerk told me that the package was just the mailman that I talked. Ok, Postman was a new service, maybe I HAVE been scammed. The official said that the CDD new delivery attempt would be made in 20/11, they would work even if municipal holiday (Black Consciousness), confirmed on 20/11 morning that would be coming with the van this time of sedex, and that even had reached the other package (Without Registration) and it was coming along, but once again failed to deliver this time and neither appeared in the system. I decided to call again in the CDD, the package was there and the clerk could not tell because it gave (I think the postman got mad at work on holiday). Tired of waiting and I was looking wool, ran out before sending to the local agency that is the largest delay to meet. The official CDD treated me well, handed me two packages there and got everything right, but I do not understand why the post office worked so badly this time. Time in transit / Customs 2 weeks, within the expected.

And here a photo of the two packages, both arrived without taxes, the description of DealExtreme once again it was not the best, “Batteries, Special Services, Professional Tools” recorded only in the packet and “Special Services” no second:

Pacotes da DealExtreme

Packages from DealExtreme

The products of the packet recorded, the little paper talked of sending partial, Each product will have its individual review in the coming days:

Baterias AG13/LR44, AG3/LR41, CR2032, GP 23A e cola de cianoacrilato

Batteries AG13/LR44, AG3/LR41, CR2032, GP 23A and cola de cyanoacrylate

And here Nohohon (as they are called there in China), much larger than I expected:

Cute Solar Powered Sunny Nohohon People Pink (Nodding)

Cute Solar Powered Sunny Nohohon People (Nodding)

Wait for the review of products in the coming days. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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