DealExtreme: Bundled with 50 AG13 LR14 batteries (Cell Battery AG13 LR44 (50-Pack))

The first review the last packet coming from DealExtreme is package 50 AG13 batteries, also known as LR14. The batteries came in a plastic bandejinha, which was covered with a piece of cardboard and taped. The strategy paid off, because the cells have not left the place, and therefore did not give each other short. Medi as 50 the multimeter and all showed voltage close to 1.6 V, whereas the nominal voltage is 1.5 V can consider that they are all with their total load. With cost 4,04 USD, batteries cost only 8 cada cents, what nonsense even with the dollar today still gives about 20 centavos, and I doubt very much that any merchant selling these batteries for less than 1 Real here in Brazil.

The devices that use AG13 / LR14 are the most diverse: lasers, minigames, Tamagotchis (anyone still remembers them?), controle-remotos, speedometers, Watches, etc. and you probably also have a device that uses at least one of these batteries. If not you can also buy in DealExtreme ;).

And let the photos:

Cartela com 50 baterias AG13 / LR14

Cartela with 50 AG13 batteries / LR14

Macro da bateria AG13 / LR14

Macro AG13 battery / LR14

Wait for the review of other products in the coming days. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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