DealExtreme: Bundled with 100 AG3 LR41 batteries (Cell Batteries LR41 AG3 (100-Pack))

The second review of last packet coming from DealExtreme is package 100 AG3 batteries, also known as LR41. These batteries also come in a plastic bandejinha, covered with a piece of cardboard and taped. But in this case the strategy did not work, batteries left the place and piled on top of each other. Environment todas as 100 on the meter and the result was as follows: 37 of them had at least 1.5V (the rated voltage), 27 of them were between 1.4V and 1,49V, 35 of them were between 1.3V and 1,39V and one of them was just below 1.3V. Conclusion: 37 the 100 left intact, and the rest suffered to come in contact with each other, losing some load. Will still probably be used without major problems, but either way I notified the DealExtreme and I am waiting for a response.

The package cost 3,36 USD, which gives a cost little more than 3 cents por bateria, somewhere around £ 0,08, unbeatable price no doubt.

The LR41 / AG3 also has cylindrical shape, but are smaller than the AG13 / LR14, and applications are also several: Watches, the thermometer I bought the DX, a Invisible Ink Pen also bought the DX, among many others.

And let the photos:

Pacote com 100 baterias LR41 / AG3

Bundled with 100 LR41 batteries / AG3

Macro de bateria LR41 / AG3

Macro battery LR41 / AG3

Wait for the review of other products in the coming days. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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