New sandwich Mega Drive and Master System new

I wrote recently about the blog novo Master System 3 da Tec Toy and spoke briefly about the Mega Drive modelo “sandwich” the post about 20 years of the Mega Drive. But just this weekend I had the opportunity to see them in person at a store. Both are extremely light, the Mega Drive is smaller than appears in the picture, finishing plastic is very rough, seems toy store £ 1,99, has neither compared to the older models that were very well constructed, and weight denounces that internally it should be quite different from what was, very provalmente who kicked it's just a modified cell and with a Mega Drive emulator must have hit.

Already Master System is large, But it is also very light, only a fraction of the original model weight, which also points to sinister changes. Inside that box is to hide a tiny little plate, similar to what happened with the last Atari clones that arose here, type that Dactar with a huge box and inside was only a small plaque, or the NES out there today and using the “NES On a Chip”, an NES whole damn packaged within a single chip.

I conclude by saying that I would not buy a videogame these at all, and reiterate my request to Tec Toy to roll back the Mega Drive and Master System with its classic designs, including the joysticks, with entrance to cartridge, and preferably at a price which is not nearly a Playstation 2. It is practically impossible to happen, but I believe that much please the fans of the islands, and wouldn't sell just uninformed parents buying the first video game for her son as with this “Mega Drive” (please with quotes) with design “unsuccessful attempt to be cool like the Wii”.

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