Cola de Cyanoacrylate (Super Cola 20g instant) (Cyanoacrylate Adhesive (Instant Super Glue 20g))

And here's the fifth and final review of the product last packet coming from DealExtreme. And this time the product is a cola de cyanoacrylate, in an instant adhesive package 20 grams. Cyanoacrylate adhesives are well known as Super Glue outside, since this is one of the best known brands, and here the best known is the famous Super Bonder. Then, short, this product is a Chinese Super Bonder 20 grams, with cost 1,82 USD, approximately R $ 4,25 hoje dollar hair. For comparison, Super Bonder to de 3 grams now costs £ 3,49 in Kalunga (Shipping not included). Not such a good deal so because we know that comes with the Super Bonder bit because normally you can not use nor 3 grams and he clogs, hardens, etc., I do not know if you can use all 20 Chinese grams Cola, mas is a tentative. It's the kind of product that fits certinho to complete 15 dollars on a purchase and get the tracking code, and that's exactly what I did. Still not pasted anything with it because there appeared nothing to paste, I hope not appear, since it is not cool when things break :). Tube Inside the net it is well, Superglue is perhaps slightly more viscous, but not sure.

The manufacturer is “Beijing Chemical Works”, the cardboard box that comes in the little tube is inscriptions in Chinese, or number 502, and or T-1. Na from behind we see that T means “Generol Use” (sic) and there are sorts K (Impact-resistant), SH (Water-resistant), R (Heat-resistant), S (Strong Permeability), RK (Tough) and TD (Special Purpose). On the left side we have instructions in Chinese on the right side and have instructions in English, explaining that 502 is a component cyanoacrylate adhesive with many excellent features. Without solvents or heat, it cures rapidly at room temperature. You can paste metal, rubber, plastic, wood, ceramics, etc. After that comes the traditional instructions to clean the area to be glued, etc, keep the glue in a cool dark place and keep it away from children. It also has the phone, endereço e fax da Beijing Chemical Works.

Cola de cianoacrilato 20g

Cola de cyanoacrylate 20g

Aguarde o review do pet powered by solar energy that nods (Cute Solar Powered Sunny Nohohon People), first product rescued with DX Points. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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