DealExtreme: Solar powered toy that nods (Cute Solar Powered Sunny Nohohon People)

And here's the review of the first product DealExtreme obtained with the DX Points accumulated from past purchases, reviews, Photos, videos and directions. It was supposed to come in the package of the latest purchases, but ended up coming in a separate package, a box in an envelope, by big boy, but it caught the attention of the IRS, that left him a good pass without being taxed. In the figure on the list of the toy was DX Rewards pink, but ended up coming a orange.

I already have a pet these, mernorzinho, whose review already been done a long time. This last request was for Clau, but before handing it to her did some photos and a video. At first we have our “Sunny People” on its packaging, with entries “Toilet Shaking Toys”, literally: “Toys that are swinging in private” :).

Sunny People em sua embalagem

Sunny People in their packaging

In the second picture have the back of the pack, with some instructions written in English whose translation is free: “do not place the product in direct sunlight”, “place it where the temperature is appropriate”, “please do not let the product get wet”, “If molhar, use an absorbent cloth well to dry it”. Also has entries: “Baterryless”, “Solar Battery” and the “Made in China”:

Parte de trás da embalagem do brinquedo solar

The back of the pack toy solar

And here's the bottom of the pack, more directions, English half-mouth, saying not to put the pieces in your mouth as you run a risk of choking, do not let children under 3 year old play with it, do not put the plastic bag (?) the head or face (also to avoid the risk of suffocation), stop in a safe place where children under 3 years can not reach it, not balance the toy and the last sentence I did not really understand. There is also instruction to the button on / off (that has menorzinhos, are always connected) and then in Chinese texts, probably the same thing that is in English upon:

Parte inferior da embalagem do brinquedo solar

Bottom of the pack toy solar

And here in the pet box, without the top cover, I did not take the bottom because it takes it to smash it out, and so I left the Clau:

Brinquedo alimentado com energia solar

Solar powered toy

And this from another angle:

Sunny People Toy

Sunny People Toy

And here the superior vision, showing the solar cell that absorbs the sun's energy, transformed into electrical energy, which in turn is transformed into magnetic energy, which in turn is transformed into kinetic energy, Forgive me if I spoke nonsense because Physical tive only in the first year of the second degree. But that's how it works: the sun's energy is absorbed by the cell, and feeds a coil that generates an electromagnetic field that repels a small magnet stuck on a pole that stuck in head, making the head move, then the rod is forced down by gravity, passing through the coil again and getting another impulse, before rising again and receives the force of gravity again, and so, so that the pendulum will be swinging indefinitely while there is light to power the coil.

Célular solar do brinquedo

Cellular solar toy

And here another angle, showing the key on / off, although I see no reason to want to turn it off:

Chave de liga/desliga do brinquedo solar

Switch on / off solar toy

And to close a video toy running:

Wait for the next review soon. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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This AI muito legal. Buy along with the bird drinker of water. Really wanted that other reading, while making use of private.

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