DealExtreme: GP NiMH rechargeable battery 2050mAh Recyko (package 4) (GP ReCyko 2050mAh Rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries (4-Pack))

Some time ago I wrote a post talking about LSD batteries (low self discharge), pilhas NiMH low self-discharge, “low self” is something that is kind of weird in Portuguese because of the similarity of the spelling of “auto” (self) and “high” (high) that is the opposite of “low” :). The batteries may be up LSD 6 maintaining unused months 90% load, and 1 year with no use keeping 85% load, according to the manufacturers. The best known examples of this category are Sanyo Eneloop, which I bought a packet a while ago and did a review, and as GP Recyko , that is the last that is bought and whose review you read this now.

I was looking for my batteries Subaru WRC2006 to not have to keep drawing heaps of other equipment whenever he was playing with, and even if they do not use it much these batteries can also be used on other devices. My idea is to go slowly replacing alkaline batteries with NiMH LSD, since they can be used in equipment spend little batteries, as clocks and remote controls-, unlike NiMH common that after a few months are left without load, not by using the apparatus, more self-discharge stripping.

As in Brazil batteries are still rare LSD, and when they are found cost dear, I resolved for a logo from DealExtreme. The first idea was to buy a packet of Sanyo Eneloop, but as they cost 17,35 dollars and as GP Recyko costing 14,98 U.S. dollar, I decided to give a chance to the Recyko . A GP is a Chinese manufacturer of batteries, unlike Sanyo that Japanese é, In addition to Sanyo has pioneered, the Eneloop batteries were the first LSD, but the GP is also a good brand, well known in the marketplace, then I think there will be no problems with them. As the price is 14,98 U.S. dollar, adding or Drop Shipment (tirarU.S.) that custa 1 cent, was a total of 14,99 U.S. dollar, only missing 1 cent to achieve sending registered, then did a little workaround to add 2 Drop Shipment para completar os 15 U.S. dollar, e aí deu certo. 🙂

Purchase made in 05/11, posted at 11/11, saiu de Hong Kong em 13/11, arrived in Brazil em 18/11 and arrived in my town 25/11. 20 calendar days in total and only 1 week in Brazil, a good time. The package came with the description “Special Services, AA Cree Flashlights”, do not know why put lantern instead of battery, declared value of 45 Hong Kong dollars as praxe.

Pacote da DealExtreme

Packet DealExtreme

On the back of something that had never seen in packages of non-taxed DealExtreme, a stamp from the IRS RELEASED. Until then normal, was released without being opened for inspection, mas the estranho is that the stamp is marked Curitiba. Whereas packets arrive in Rio de Janeiro and go through inspection in Sao Paulo, what he was doing in Curitiba? Tracking Mail does not help, it only appears as received in Brazil and the next step is to have already arrived in my town, all the rest is omitted, so the mystery remains.

Pacote da DealExtreme, carimbo de liberado pela Receita Federal, Curitiba (!?)

Packet DealExtreme, stamp released by the IRS, Curitiba (!?)

The little bundle of cells is done with a very thick plastic, still came to the edge detonated, was about to blame the post office when I noticed that the missing piece was not inside the envelope, which may indicate that he was enveloped detonated, but the cells were intact, because the part where they remain well is reinforced.

Embalagem das pilhas GP Recyko+

Packaging cells GP Recyko

The back features some texts in Chinese, I assume that the drawings are talking of the advantages of LSD cell, there is also the nominal voltage (1,2In) and the nominal capacity (2050mAh), remembering that LSD batteries have slightly less capacity than the batteries that do not have this technology, and now are in their 2700mAh, so who really uses batteries (recarregando every week, for example) should still opt for the traditional models, such as Sony 2700 mAh.

Parte traseira da embalagem das GP Recyko+

The back of the packaging GP Recyko

And here the batteries out of the pack, the finish is slightly worse than those of Sony and Sanyo, but it's still a good finish and everything indicates that they are genuine.

Pilhas GP Recyko+

Pilhas GP Recyko

Inside the package there is also a folhetinho with instructions in Chinese and English.

Folheto com instruções da GP Recyko+

Leaflet with instructions GP Recyko

Detalhe do pólo positivo da GP Recyko+, não sei como aquela linha foi parar ali

Details positive pole of GP Recyko, I do not know how that line got there

The battery tester indicates that the battery is charging, LSD cells have characteristics can be used as soon as they leave the package, without requiring an initial charge, JA saem factory loaded and has low self-discharge.

GP Recyko+ no testador de pilhas

GP Recyko the tester cells

But the smart charger showed a level load 1 from 3 levels it indicates, unlike Eneloop that upon leaving the package were at 2. Furthermore, while were on the charger for only about 1 time, GP Recyko these were almost 5 hours, what is the time for a full charge, moreover, even higher than the full load, since the charger and charge the 525mAh 5 hours would more than 2600mAh, but I can not say if all the energy is stored or if there are losses in the process, I believe there because of the heat generated itself. We must also consider that we do not know how long these batteries were stored in DealExtreme, yet should not have been long enough to unload a LSD that maintains 85% Load after one year, so do not really know what happened.

Pilhas GP Recyko+ no carrecador inteligente da Sony

GP Batteries Recyko in carrecador smart Sony

Anyway after loaded cells showed excellent performance in Subaru WRC2006, measuring the multimeter cells exhibit voltage 1.36 V, which is great since the nominal voltage is 1.2 V, but as all equipment supports at least 1.5 V, What is the nominal voltage of the batteries common, 0.16 V these are the most welcome. Even with the engine running trolley, voltage measurement being done in parallel dropped to only 1.34 V, very good.

And I close my review here. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

Update (05/11/2009): After almost a year of use, about 5 refills, I tested the battery on my newly purchased charger La Crosse BC-9009, and the result was 2.31A 871mA and the batteries that are being used in remote control Subaru WRC2006 870mA and 2.35A and the batteries that are being used in car. The dismal performance of two batteries plus the surreal performance of the other two batteries for LSD (Low self-discharge) are strong evidence that these cells are false.

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The porter of the last one has the DX?



I have these batteries and charger of the same series. But do not get the charger: when I put the batteries he ascends a led watch, but not more erases (not indicate when it is loaded).
If you can not esclerecer appreciate.

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