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DealExtreme: São Paulo packets passing through the Paraná

My penultimate package coming from DealExtreme eu disse que havia um estranho carimbo de liberado pela Receita Federal onde constava “Curitiba”, unexpected, as international packages sent to the state of São Paulo arrive in Rio de Janeiro and are sent to the IRS oversight of Sao Paulo, that usually go easy on the packages of DealExtreme, taxing few packages. Unfortunately now came the confirmation, the São Paulo packages are going through the Paraná for some reason I know nothing. My last package DealExtreme passed the Paraná also, and this time was taxed, even though an application for low value, something very typical in Paraná IRS.

The request was a Hi-Fi Dynamic Microphone for PC w / jack P2 (Hi-Fi Dynamic Microphone for PC (3.5mm Jack)) and an USB Optical Mouse ring style (dedo of mouse) (Cool Ring-Style Fingertip USB Optical Mouse), whose reviews will be made in the coming days. The total order given 17,12 USD, and used the Drop Shipment to remove the logo from DealExtreme. Request made in 14/11/2008, sending in 17/11, saiu de Hong Kong em 20/11, arrived in Brazil (in Rio de Janeiro) in 24/11 e estranhamente foi encaminhado de São José dos PinhaisPR para CampinasSP no dia 27/11. I found it strange another packet through the Paraná, but there was nothing indicating that taxed out. Just today, 01/12, when the package arrived in town that I realized he was to agency instead of coming here, giving the certainty of taxation. See the accompanying obtained in the Post Office site:

29/11/2008 10:22AC RIO CLARO – RIO CLARO / SPWaiting withdrawal
28/11/2008 16:22CTE CAMPINAS – VALINHOS / SPRouted
In transit to AC RIO CLARO – RIO CLARO / SP
24/11/2008 17:58BRAZIL – BRAZIL / XXAwarded
Received / Brazil

DealExtreme The package was opened by the IRS of Curitiba as indicated by the stickers showing that was repackaged, o conteúdo declarado pela DealExtreme foi “SPECIAL SERVICES, MICE / PRESENTERS, MICROPHONE”, as usual is not a description that helps a lot. The declared value was 45 Hong Kong dollars, value that the IRS of Curitiba has not accepted and refereed 100 Hong Kong dollars as the value of goods (here for one more parentheses, the IRS of São Paulo arbitrates amounts into US dollars), used an exchange rate of R $ 0,303175 Hong Kong dollar, and therefore considered taxable value as £ 30,32, with the rate of 60% the tax came out at $ 18,19. This time no use complaining as in the case of Subaru WRC2006, because the arbitrated ended up being less than what really cost, and then there is nothing to complain about. Thus only paid the tax and removed the package, whose picture you see below, and confirmed that even in the NTS (Note Simplified Taxation) constaInspetoria da Receita Federal em Curitiba”, diferentemente da NTS do Subaru que era daInspetoria da Receita Federal em São Paulo”.

Pacote da DealExtreme, tributado lá em Curitiba

Packet DealExtreme, taxed back in Curitiba

Now this is a warning to the residents of São Paulo, that packets are going through Curitiba who knows why, and that the IRS there is more syrup that of St. Paul, taxing a much larger percentage of packets. And there is the question: why they are doing it? Would the RF Sao Paulo overloaded because of Christmas and decided to send to Curitiba to streamline? Just in case I do not buy anything until clarify this.

Wait for the review of the products that came in this package. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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