DealExtreme: USB Optical Finger Mouse style legal anel (Cool Ring-Style Fingertip USB Optical Mouse)

My last packet of DealExtreme came two products, at “dedo of mouse” and a microphone, the product of this first review is the mouse, “Cool Ring-Style Fingertip USB Optical Mouse” or “USB Optical Finger Mouse style legal anel” in a literal translation. It is interesting how “Cool” and “Cute” são as palavras preferidas pela DealExtreme in their descriptions. 🙂

I bought this mouse to complete the 15 dollars package Microphone, by Curiosidade, and also because I thought it might be an interesting option for those who work with the computer for hours and hours and tired of the repetitive motion of the traditional mouse, and thus a mouse could be an alternative for “rest”, as it can be used on any surface, Moreover it could be convenient to travel.

The blister package, unsealed, indicates that the mouse has 1200 dpi resolution, compatible with Windows and Mac. Diz em running Windows 98, ME, 2000 e XP. Vista de aqui no 64 Bit it was detected immediately after insertion and started to function normally. Says it needs a USB or PS / 2, But he has only USB plug and no adapter for PS / 2 included. The package also brings the real name of the product: “3D The Lord of the Rings Optical Mouse”, extremely tacky, No. It is no wonder that DealExtreme decided to invent a new name.

Embalagem do Mouse Óptico USB de dedo

Packaging Mouse Optical USB Finger

On the back we have detailed technical data, as the pressure that the buttons need to be activated (60g +- 5g), the lifetime of the buttons: 3.000.000 (cliques?), the operating current: <100mA, operating temperature: -20º C to 80 º C, life time: 100.000 hours, moisture: 10% a 90%, and lifetime of the mechanical part: 100 Km. Just below some descriptions exaggerated as: “fatest mouse in the word” (sic), is written “word” same… It also says it has full support “wheel” no Windows, what we see that is not entirely true later. It also says in the description that it is for lefties and righties, but I can not imagine how a lefty would do to push the buttons with your thumb, impossible.

Parte traseira da embalagem do Mouse Óptico USB de dedo

Back Packing Mouse Optical USB Finger

And opening the package the first disappointments, the cable is short and Velcro all desfiando. In the photo ended up not appearing, but right up there tool marks, as if someone had tried to open it.

Mouse Óptico USB de dedo

Fingertip USB Optical Mouse

And looking closely, but disappointment, lack of the “skates” (Pézinhos) making sliding the mouse on the surfaces, without it the mouse will be screwing and difficult to use, Furthermore the optical assembly looks lopsided (to the opposite side of the photos of DX), although this had no bearing on the functionality.

Mouse Óptico USB de dedo: faltando um dos pézinhos (skates)

Fingertip USB Optical Mouse: missing one of Pézinhos (skates)

Ultimately, the idea seems to be good, but poorly executed, the wire is jacketed with textile mesh, bem seems resistant, but is short, this should not hinder both laptop users, but for desktops can be a problem. Using it is uncomfortable, your finger is marked throughout by holding the plastic with Velcro few minutes of use. There is also a small wire there that I do not know for serving, and how come desencaivado can not even know how to be the correct fit, since the photos of him or DX appears.

The Velcro veins all desfiando, That along with the tool mark and missing skate give the distinct impression that the product was used, maybe returned and resold. The plastic is rubberized and looks good, the buttons are easy to press, but the wheel does not have the click function, which hurts enough functionality, EJ used estou acostumado to the.

Summarizing, this was not a good buy, definitely not worth the 6,60 U.S. dollar payments, plus the tax that the IRS charged in Curitiba. With that dollar absurdly high (and crap that I did not use the conversion PayPal believing that would lower) and more tax the price reaches £ 23,00, what this mouse definitely not worth.

I contacted the DX defect on skateboard, asked if the product works and offered 2,5 dollars as compensation, but I think the functionality is severely compromised without the skateboard and ending up with velcro, I am waiting for reply.

And I close my review here. Aguarde o review do microfone, to be more positive. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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Rafael A Schiabel

Comprei esse mouse. Not useful for day-to-day, but it is pretty cool.
Came perfect, without any defects mentioned.

Superfluous, but regretted.

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