Skooter Blog is a victim of the lack of discretion of Google once again

Again the Skooter Blog is the victim of the lack of discretion of the search engine Google. For those who do not remember, after the change of the domain Skooter Blog was submitted to sandbox Google who left us for months without receiving any visit them coming.

Sometime later, Skooter of the Blog pages now appear among the first to several keywords in Google, what appeared to finally be the end of sandbox. But after a few days, we went to the last place of all Google searches again, without explanation, as always. Made some optimizations and several weeks, went back to the first places. Now, inexplicably, after a few weeks to many Google hits, being the last two days were the best since the change of domain, Today we return to the last places again, without any change here, and without any explanation Google.

Given all that I inform you that the future of Skooter Blog is threatened, and that maybe he's not here on your next visit. The hosting cost is increasing by dollar bill already nearing £ 2,50, and going back some thanks to Google and its lack of criteria. Anyone who wants to help can make links to articles that find interesting, from their blogs, sites, social tools, etc. and indicate the site to your friends, for without search engines depend exclusively links and directions. I hope that automatic Google tools fail to unfairly punish Skooter Blog, or at least someone make a better search engine that surpasses Google and has better defined criteria, because you can not have motivation to write here without receiving any visit.

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eu tambem estou com um problema no meu blog, não recebo mais visitas do google já faz um mês, já fiz várias mudanças no meu blog, mais continua na mesma coisa