DealExtreme: Hi-Fi Dynamic Microphone for PC w / jack P2 (Hi-Fi Dynamic Microphone for PC (3.5mm Jack))

I will now review the second product that came in last packet of DealExtreme, the Hi-Fi Dynamic Microphone for PC w / jack P2 (Hi-Fi Dynamic Microphone for PC (3.5mm Jack)). This is perhaps the last review here, due to 3 Serious problems: 1) The dollar undermines the very high purchasing some items from DealExtreme, and there is no prospect of improvement, as economist forecast and nothing is the same; 2) The packets are passing through Sao Paulo to Curitiba IRS, which is very rigorous and puts tribute in cheap products that RF São Paulo generally ignored; and finally and most important 3) Google Blog Skooter punished for some unknown reason and with that we now have only a 5 a 10% visits that tínhamos before, and with that number of visits expressionless not enough to pay even the hosting, whose cost increased significantly due to the high dollar (This site is hosted in the U.S.). But anyway, we will review the:

I was here a microphone Common Creative, those electret, that are found by some £ 10,00 in any computer store. It worked well, feinho microphone that was kind of yellowish white cabinet next time, monitor, speaker, etc. Black, but as I was running I was not concerned with appearance. Until one day he began to give a damn squeak and did not want to know the function. That's when I decided to take a look at DealExtreme trying to find a good replacement, and the Hi-Fi Dynamic Microphone for PC w / jack P2 (Hi-Fi Dynamic Microphone for PC (3.5mm Jack)) was what caught my attention initially, but I ended up with one foot behind him to be dynamic, since I already tested a dynamic microphone Sound, at SM-58 (to be clone Shure SM-58, What is the microphone of choice for many people), SM-58 from Le Son works very well connected in the soundboard, but when you connect it directly to PC (with an XLR cable -> An adapter P10 and P10 -> P2) the sound is very bad and very low, even with the option of “ 20 dB of boost microfone” my card activated, probably not match the impedance. So I decided to consider some other options, such Somic V3, Somic seen that the mark is a relatively known Chinese. Also considered this Microphone “Semi-Pro”: PodCast/ Semi-Pro Microphone with Tripod (Stereo 3.5mm Jack / 2.5M Cable) manufactured by DicSong, another Chinese brand known relatively, But the DX only had the white version, although the manufacturer has a black version. So I ended up turning my attention pro Hi-Fi Dynamic Microphone for PC w / jack P2 (Hi-Fi Dynamic Microphone for PC (3.5mm Jack)) and thought a microphone for PC already done should be done with an impedance to marry the sound cards and sensitivity also supports them.

And my thought was right, the microphone is excellent, the manufacturer is chinesa AOVES, the model I bought is the PC-318. The DealExtreme also has a silver version for those who may prefer, is the model PC-308. The microphone has a nice rubberized black finish, the base is very heavy, so that it does not fall from the pedestal to any bump. The cable is fixed and is not very long, but has more than 1 Metro and is enough to let him off the PC or to hold it in his hands in front of the PC, although I find it unnecessary to remove the pedestal during conversations (Besides being inconvenient to have to be holding the microphone, especially for those who use Skype a lot while working with the PC). The 3.5mm plug is used in traditional P2 stereo sound cards. The sensitivity is very good, and gets even better with the microphone boost. With the boost he picks up the mouse clicks in quiet, and also perfectly captures the voice and sound environment, which can be good or bad, depending on the application, Professional should not be legal, but for conversations with family is good for the environment to take the whole house to the other side, and allow multiple people to chat together.

The box behind the inscriptions “Hi-Fidelity Professional Microphone”, is reinforced cardboard good, um so great, but comes within the envelope of DealExtreme and probably would not be taxed if it had not gone through Curitiba, who buy the microphone can download a free software as it says on the box, but neither gave much attention to it:

Caixa do Microfone para PC AOVES

Box Microphone for PC AOVES

Microfone Dinâmico Hi-Fi para PC da AOVES

Hi-Fi Dynamic Microphone for PC AOVES

Microfone Dinâmico Hi-Fi para PC da AOVES

Hi-Fi Dynamic Microphone for PC AOVES

On the back of the box we have some specifications:

  • Sensibility: -56 +/- 3dB
  • Impedance: less than 680 ohms
  • Directionality: Noise canceller
  • Operating voltage standard: 3In
  • Consumption Corrente: 0.5mA maximum
  • Reduced Sensitivity: com 1.0V within 3dB
  • Signal / Noise: but 56dB

There are also some inscriptions in Chinese that I can not translate:

Parte traseira da caixa do microfone dinâmico para PC da AOVES

Rear Box dynamic microphone for PC AOVES

And to complete a picture of the dynamic microphone on your desktop, very discreet next cabinet, the sound box and the monitor:

Microfone dinâmico para PC da AOVES, ao lado da caixa de som e do monitor

Dynamic Microphone for PC AOVES, beside the speaker and monitor

I conclude that this microphone was another good buy at DealExtreme, even with the price having gone a little high because of tax, with the cost of 10,50 USD, The price is higher than that of traditional electret microfoninhos, but the quality compensates. Also never seen a microphone so here in Brazil, the traditional dynamic microphones with XLR output can be more professional, with better features, but not suitable for PCs because of the low impedance and gain, so the only options are eventually settle for a traditional electret microphone or import a dynamic microphone such as the DX.

And I close my review here, hoping to have a review in the near future despite uncertainties. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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I bought this mic helps me as ai q and microphone ?

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