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A truth about Orkut (Coming from someone of lying?)

I got a friend by email the following text, to reproduce in its entirety:


Authoring text Marco André Vizzortti

USP Computer Teacher

Give to pause and reflect on the truth of what is written below.

The Orkut appeared as a way to contact friends, know news who is distant and send messages. Is now being used for the purpose of, I think it is your biggest asset, information about a privileged class of the population. Why is it that only in Brazil had the impact that had? Other cultures are reluctant to participate in his life and privacy of data, so irresponsibly and lightly. Have you ever received a call informing that their children were being kidnapped? His elderly mother has been followed by a gang of rogues? Have addressed you in a bar, saying I knew you for a long time?
Was once the armed parties to rediscover friends of 30 years ago and saw no one?
Yeah. Ta all there. In Orkut. With five minutes of surfing I know you have two children,
has a boyfriend, studies in high school such, frequents cinemas. And best of all, with a picture in hand, identify his face amid crowds, in your work door, on the street.
After all, I know where you are. Just read your recadinhos.

Make a wish: Who wants to be exposed like this, do it consciously, then do not whine, or despair, if the victim of a frame. But spare your children, save your life Intimate.
The bandit called you to extort you money too because you left. The photo of the boys was there. Your workplace was there. A foto do hotel 5 stars on the beach was there. The bike of the photo that is in the garage was there. Really are a very innocent and dazzled people.
For the time being, we have heard of threats to children and the elderly. Until one day the threat is real fact. Too late. If you understand me, great!

Review your participation in Orkut , or at least delete the photos and images of their minor children
and relatives who do not deserve to go through risk situations that you put the. If you think you have no reason, should find invulnerable. I inform you that very close to me and loved ones
have gone through free dramas, without realizing that they had been victims of their own imprudence.
The lack of malice for life induces us to take unnecessary risks. Not only Orkut lives most Internet users. We have a plethora of open doors and by an oversight
put information that can harm us. We do not know the person or people who are on the other side of the net.. The chat can be very good, legal. But provide information about us can become dangerous or unpleasant. Therefore, care to place certain information on the Internet.

PS:- Spend all you know and using the Orkut, 1Degree, Gazzag, NetQin, Blogs, Flogs, Skype etcpara que todos Tenhamos consciência sobre o assunto e possamos colaborar com a diminuição do crime.

Marco André Vizzortti *
USP Computer Teacher

In everything give thanks to God!

The text may have some truths yes, but also has some misconceptions:

  1. I can not say because only in Brazil Orkut had the impact that had, but I know that Americans and many other people use Facebook and other social networks in the same way that Brazilians use Orkut, then in the background is the same thing, and not exclusive of Brazilian.
  2. The story of the fake kidnapping is old and does not reach Orkut users only, visto que eles costumam telefonar aleatóriamente e muitas vezesseqüestraramo filho de quem nem tem filho.
  3. The photos do not need to be open to all, you can set the permissions so that only your friends to see them, moreover, now you can even configure which of your friends can see them.
  4. The messages can also be configured not to be read by strangers, the same goes for other personal data.
  5. O local de trabalho do suposto “USP Computer Teacher” eu também já saberia, without Orkut.
  6. Uma rápida busca pela plataforma Lattes diz que não foi encontrado nenhumMarco André Vizzortti”. As he USP professor is to be expected that he had a Lattes. It would be such a teacher so paranoid about not having even a Lattes? Also looking for his name on Google the only texts that appear are related to this text on Orkut. How did it come to USP professor without any published article? E considerando que a USP não dá cursinhos deinformática”, it is strange that it has been identified that way. O mais provável é que ele teria se identificado como professor decomputaçãoou especificando o instituto em que trabalha. Therefore all, I think it is more likely that this teacher was simply invented to try to give some credibility to this text, assim como acontecem noshoax”.

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