Nova URL do Skooter Blog

Who has been here in the past 10 days may have noticed our new URL, that e // In fact this URL already existed for a long time, and only redirected to the old that was // Now all the old URLs are redirected to this new.

The change has two reasons, following:

  1. The use of a unique sub-domain blog is a trend that some large portals, as UOL, are already following. In their case, each section of the site has its own unique subdomain. This is a middle controversial technique in SEO, because many people have abused her numerous creating subdomains, This is not the case here. Furthermore, SEO professionals warn that the use of subdomains hinders the passage of pagerank between pages. The fact is that Google considers subdomains as different sites, and this is exactly what I was looking for, since it is known that Google does not like lots of directories and already punished some last. As or Skooter is a directory and the Skooter Blog has little to do with it, the ideal is that it is even in a subdirectory, preventing unjust punishments to the directory the affect. And this has paid off, because the number of visits is now returning to their highest levels.
  2. Once decided that we should use a subdomain, lacked opt // or // Both have already redirected to the URL above. In favor of the second weighed the fact that he already had some links in the network. But the option ended up being the first precisely because of the termination .br, since it is known that Google prioritizes sites TLD br in searches for Brazilian sites.

The downside of change is the new URL does not have PageRank, not that it matters, but it can give the wrong impression for new visitors. Probably the Blog Skooter get at least one 2 again next update. The important thing is that the visits are returning to the previous level and so the blog should be kept.

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