DealExtreme: more successful an RMA

Recently I made a shopping at DealExtreme with various types of batteries, among them um pack com 100 AG3 LR41 batteries whose review was made a few days later, and I informed him that the batteries come in a plastic bandejinha, covered with a piece of cardboard and taped. This strategy, that worked for the other cells, had not worked for these, who left the place and piled on top of each other. Consequently, only 37 the 100 left intact, and the rest suffered minor discharges with short who suffered and so were left with little voltage below normal. Notifiquei a DealExtreme who promised to send another pack and asked if I had another application open. Since I had no, said they could wait for my next order, after all I can go using these batteries that came for now, and they save a freight.

Sometime later, I received a other request, that came a USB Optical Mouse ring style (dedo of mouse) (Cool Ring-Style Fingertip USB Optical Mouse), whose review was also made shortly after, and I informed him that the mouse came with a Skateboards (Pézinhos) missing, besides the Velcro reeling. I contacted the DX and asked me if the product worked and offered 2,5 dollars as compensation, I explained that the operation was compromised without the skateboard, and so they decided to send me a replacement. As I had not yet open request they would do a send only mouse, but before the application out of there I contacted and asked to already include the 100 batteries in the package.

No give 12/12 made sending, Without Registration, so I do not know of larger arrival date details in Brazil, nem anything like, I only know that arrived today, 29/12. At the top of the package a yellow ribbon denounced that he had been open, immediately have blamed the IRS, not forgiving or a pat without registration. But there was not released stamp, or the tape had the post office logo, as happens when open. I watched some more details: the description includes only “MICE / PRESENTERS” and nothing about batteries, and in the back where there's always a piece of paper with the sku of products came, there was a second piece of paper under the first (which was glued on top). So it seems that was the very DealExtreme who opened the package that was already closed with the mouse, to include batteries. So this time the recipe has forgiven, even without peck the Drop Shipment (this time came with the DX logo), moreover, I have a certain belief that virginity does not help, perhaps call more attention to be bright. Also I did not know if the package passed by the IRS of São Paulo or Curitiba, because there is not any trace, but hope has passed by St. Paul and that wave passing through Curitiba it was something temporary because of the volume of packages at Christmas.

Pacote da DealExtreme

LG41 / AG3 batteries

The goods, is unnecessary to make a new review, because I have before. So suffice it to say that the new pack 100 batteries came intact, as shown in the picture below:

Baterias LG41/AG3

Optical Finger Mouse “The Lord of the rings”

And USB Optical Finger Mouse style legal anel also came in a package equal to the other, but this time with two skateboards, unmarked buttons and velcro in perfect condition:

Mouse Optico de Dedo

Optical Finger Mouse

Mouse Optico de Dedo

Mouse Optico de Dedo com os skates em ordem 🙂

Mouse Optico de Dedo com os skates em ordem :)

Mouse Optico de Dedo com os skates em ordem 🙂

My conclusion is that once again it was worth buying in DealExtreme, with uncomplicated RMA, without having to send the product back problem, and the delay was only to come there from Hong Kong, moreover, nor is it to come from there, but because the Brazilian Internal Revenue Service takes too long to release and because our post office is inefficient. Many online stores should learn from the DX, I have had many problems with complicated RMAs here, which also took longer than that of the DX even being in Brazil.

I close my review and I'm waiting for the your review here. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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