Electronic Arts and Konami stepping on the ball with players in Fifa PC 09 e Pro Evolution Soccer 2009

I decided to enjoy the end of year to take a look at Fifa 09 and no Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 and see what Konami and Electronic (respectively) had prepared for PC gamers. And the disappointment was great. It seems that the two software houses decided to concentrate its efforts on version for consoles (XBox 360, Playstation 3, etc.) and let the PCs somewhat aside.

The graphics give the distinct impression that could be better. I saw the chart of the islands, just can not tell if they are better or worse, but I know for a PC at the end of 2008 the business could have been little better. And it was not because of lack of processing power, since a GE Force 8800GT (for over a year in the market), roda em both 1680×1050 with everything on maximum and constant 60fps. O Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 aspect has the option of: 4:3 or 16:9, in other words, ignored the fact that most widescreen monitors is 16:10, and so these players have to select 4:3 stripes on the side and put up on the screen, or select 16:9 and put up small bands above and below the screen. You can also not use the letterbox, but one stretched image is worse. Remember that the TVs there 16:10, since all are 4:3 or 16:9, another strong indication that the game was made for videogames and ill-suited for PC.

But the biggest disappointment is with the game controls, ambas as softwarehouses Electronic Arts simplesmente assumed assumed that everyone playing on PC has a joystick de XBox 360. It's great that both have resolved to support XInput, It is regrettable that support good old DirectInput has been left aside as. I play with a Playstation joystick connected to the PC via a adaptador USB de Playstation 1/2 PC, he can set up perfectly with all buttons in practically all games, incluindo Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 onde o joystick “standard” é justamente um joystick de Playstation, where you can join all the buttons correctly using the USB adapter or one of the numerous Playstation control clones commercially available, mas no Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 the situation was different, I managed to map all almost all the joystick buttons for Playstation XBox 360, but the directional digital (D-Pad) gets its 4 directions necessarily with the same function of square buttons, triangle, circle and X, there is no way to configure them independently, what was possible in PES 2008 and many other games. No Fifa 09 the situation is even worse, it only gives to configure square, triangle, circle, X, L1, L2, R1, R2 and analog directional. It is impossible to configure Select, Start, the D-Pad and analog directional buttons. And faz falta? Yes, because EA decided to use even more buttons, played only twice, but still do not get the buttons that serve to pass, crossing, etc. when we're on defense, in other words, There is a different button to divide, to Cart, etc., PES different from where the buttons have different functions in attack and defense. All though this can be a positive, since PES in the violent times we take a cart while trying to make a cross but lost the ball in the exact instant, but then demanding that everyone has a joystick with almost 20 buttons is already overkill, nem o joystick de XBox 360 seems to have many buttons to satisfy Fifa 09, I still need to figure out is that the Xbox joystick 360. There gambiarras involving the Windows registry so that the Fifa 09 believe that their control is one that he accepts, and then the business works, but it is getting very annoying depending on gambiarra because EA has not done her job right.

Ultimately, Fifa to play 09 and PES 2009 decently appears that the solution is to acquire a joystick de XBox 360, since even the menus in the game is he who appears, Once again Microsoft used has the advantage that when the manufacturer XBox 360 Windows Vista and another to impose its standards. If on one hand it is good that there is a single interface to make life easier for developers (especially those that develop simultaneously for consoles), on the other it is unfortunate that the support DirectInput has been left out so quickly, see the ships leaving all other players who were using joysticks fine so far.

Edited: in fact the PES 2009 can be played perfectly with the Playstation joystick (In the same way that the 2008), it was just a configuration problem in Windows itself joystick, However complaints are kept as to Fifa.

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