Wakoopa is the ranking of the software you use most

Many blogs have already spoken of it, at the top of search for it on Google found Julio Camera and the Warm. But many people still do not know, then make another post here on the Wakoopa. The Wakoopa is a social network, yes, one more to add social networking with Orkut, Facebook and all their inúmeros clones. But has a differential Wakoopa, is a network focused on software, games, and online applications. By registering you can install a small tracker on your desktop, for those concerned about the impact on system performance I say that the tracker is really small and should have no impact on the performance of current systems. This tracker tracks what you use on your desktop (applications, games, etc.) and also the applications that you use online (like Gmail, for example) and share with your friends on the same site Wakoopa, or through widgets that you can place on your blog (As I stood there on the side). The Wakoopa also intends to recommend apps based on the information collected.

I'm using the tracker a few weeks ago and I already know that Firefox is by far the app I use most, followed by a second block with Windows Explorer, WinEdt and MATLAB. Close behind comes the Windows Live Messenger and Adobe Acrobat, and there will. These are the software that I use the most actively, but also has a list of the most used in background, they are: Thunderbird, Windows Live Messenger, Firefox, Windows Explorer, WinEdt, etc. Also I know that since I installed the tracker ever used 131 applications, for a total of 91 hours.

And it's not just individual stats, you can also create groups and make the most statistical software used by the group. The traditional tools of scraps, etc. are also present. Users are also classified by levels: begin as newbie, to evolve novice, then to enthusiast, Then for devotee, that is where I am currently. There are still levels expert, fanatic and overlord, where I have not gotten. To level up you need to earn points by using the tracker, new software, Be the first to describe a software or use, first to make a review, etc.

For those concerned about privacy you can show your profile (e list of softwares) only for friends, or even just for you. It is also possible to hide the individual use of software if appropriate. And you? Or that is waiting for Also use Wakoopa?

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