DealExtreme: PC USB Converter for Playstation controls 1 and 2 (PS2 Game Controller to PC USB Converter)

Hoje farei o review do PC USB Converter for Playstation controls 1 and 2 (PS2 Game Controller to PC USB Converter), last product first packet 2009 I have received gives DealExtreme. The drive Chinese brand Dilong connects 1 or 2 no PC Playstation controls, uma using USB holder. So PC gamers can look forward to the famous controls the Playstation Dual Shock, and also with the Dual Shock 2 do Playstation 2, that controls are excellent and affordable, much cheaper than PC controls for good marks, as Microsoft or Logitech, and priced at the equivalent of low-quality clones, as alguns models sold by Leadership, Clone and afins.

The PC controls work in both digital and in analog mode, all buttons work. The vibration also works perfectly even on Windows Vista x64, which does not happen with some adapters for other brands. I already had an adapter such unknown brand of VAP, that looks very similar to Dilong, I bought on eBay a few years ago, before the release of Windows Vista. In Windows XP it worked perfectly with the drives that come with a mini-CD, including vibration. Unfortunately when I installed Windows Vista 64 bits lost the vibration feature, because the drivers on the CD do not work on Windows Vista x64 and manufacturer apparently has no website I try to find an updated driver. Fortunately the driver standard Windows Vista adapter supports VAP, Also working in digital and analog, or allowing the bem used, but without the vibration feature. I even tried to use the drivers of Dilong, assuming that the internal hardware could be the same, but failed.

But this adapter Dilong the story was another, The driver that comes on the mini-CD is old and does not work on Windows Vista x64, but not Dilong site have the latest driver version available for download, and that supports Windows Vista 64 bits perfectly, including vibration. According to the manufacturer's specification, any Playstation joystick can be used, including dance mats, but I could not test it because I have no carpet. Also I can not say if he supported the buttons on the Dual Shock 2 no analog, because my joysticks are my Playstation 1, which by the way is my newest videogame, not bought any console of the current generation (Playstation 3, XBox 360, Wii), or prior generation (Playstation 2, XBox, Game Cube).

The adapter is translucent blue, with LEDs that indicate whether the joystick is connected. The package is written with a very passable English, like many other Chinese products, and is a bit outdated, said support since the Windows 98, ME, 2000 and also “recentemente announced” Windows XP, but the important thing is that it works in Vista with driver available on site.

The test was done in Pro Evolution Soccer 2009, where all the buttons worked perfectly. Then I tested also the Need For Speed ​​Carbon, to verify the vibration, which also functioned. See the photos now:

Embalagem do conversor USB de controles de Playstation para PC da Dilong

Packaging USB converter controls for PC Playstation Dilong

Parte traseira da embalagem do conversor USB de Playstation para PC da Dilong

The back of the pack to USB converter for PC Playstation Dilong

Conversor USB para controles de Playstation no PC, da Dilong

USB converter for Playstation controls not PC, by Dilong

Conversor USB para controles de Playstation 1 e 2 no PC, da Dilong, com embalagem e mini-CD de drivers

USB converter for Playstation controls 1 and 2 no PC, by Dilong, Packaged and mini-CD drivers

And some screenshots of the driver running on Windows Vista 64 bits:

Controles são identificados como "Twin USB Network Gamepad" com o driver da Dilong

Controles são identificados como "Twin USB Network Gamepad" with the driver of Dilong

Tela de teste do driver com os 4 eixos (2 joysticks analógicos), 12 botões digitais e um direcional digital

Screen test driver with 4 axes (2 joysticks analógicos), 12 digital buttons and a directional digital

Teste de vibração do driver da Dilong, com controle de intensidade e diferentes modos

Vibration test driver Dilong, and with intensity control modes

And I close my review here. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

Update: Since application of Vincent, disponibilizo para download or Driver for USB Converter Playstation VAP.

Update 15/03/2012: Considering the request of Denys, I provide the Drivers by Dilong for the PC USB Converter for Playstation controls 1 and 2 (PS2 Game Controller to PC USB Converter).

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Dude is q vc could pass me the driver of VAP ??? I loko toh looking like and think naum! My windows XP eh if u can do me this great favor mto'll be thankful!!



the drive of vap will help your friend vicente I my brother tbm, ai earned for posting it tbm!!!!!

Alan Lamb

I downloaded this brother put the analog drive my joyst. not run


this adapter is problematic vap!
I try to months a version of the driver in order to function q 64 but there was no 1.
guess its the way that buying a Dilong of al ¬ ¬


Kra, I have a cable converter maxprint, but my problem is the analog ñ q rises, it just moves sideways, for top / front, ñ ele vai.
If you can help me thank.

OBS: The driver is the same as Dilong.



Friend if not too much to ask you pro driver has the adapter brand vap with force feedback(do control vibrate ) I installed this driver that you provided but does not appear like the same screens here and has no vibration test


Friend Thank you in advance for your attention…
before losing the mini cd that came with my adapter I remember when I installed it it had a screen like this there was how to test vibration and everything… by chance you do not have a driver or do not know the force feedback to work on my adapter


Fabricio where I think the link driver vap???


Very good post, helped a lot =)¹³¹²¹³


I'm a guy looking for a driver that works with ps1 control, I have an adapter from Clone, came with the installation cd. But it only works with the ps2 control. I'll try one of the Dilong. I went to the link and do not know which to download. Could you please help me? Meu sistema é vista 32bit.



blz guy but I'm looking for these drives and so far I find nothing. It would be a desperate attempt.
If you know of another drive… I would be grateful


to have a problem when I coloko two controls it all mangled fika fika crazy there is not as tidy…..
Anyone know oq do?


To consists of my windows is 7


Fabricio Olá! Very good your review,show msm. To read your posts almost tds. I was very interested in buying an adapter but these have a doubt: you said you could work on vista 64bit tds the buttons and vibe, but will it work the same way in win7 64bit? I looked at the website and saw that Dilong not writing this win7, but you could tell? I have a sport steering wheel racing clone of that site're the same thing but still works on my win7. Thank you very much!


Could you tell me how I configure temtei but I can not


I have one that I bought aki ne a store in my town more so than on my pc it is ñ Serto when I put the control ps2 gets all mangled triangle is tightening control triangle and ball together and clamping down and so is enklinado :my control is in perfect condition it in my game play 2 I was already in the shop and it is normal I use windowns xp already got in advance calibrate ñ you know the problem now agradesso obj

Jonathan Afonso

Olá 🙂
Has anyone tested this adapter with the PS3 ?
I have 2 original PS2 controls and would like to use them when the ps3 gets up visits. Comprei um by leadership, but the buttons went crazy.



Thank you dude, Thank you so much


by bro bought a controlle universal and dayly do not I get it in other games on my pc that is not football please someone knows how to configure it so I can play fighting and shooting games etc.……..fought des ja a Hug


Face, the drivers on that site in your post ta ja not work, If you have the driver has ae on pc as you level up for us? need to..

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