DealExtreme: Security lock for PC / Laptops (Laptop/PC Security Cable Key)

And now I will review the Security Lock for PCs / Laptops (Laptop/PC Security Cable Key), second product first packet 2009 of DealExtreme. This lock is also known as the Kensington lock, and consists of a steel cable with a rubberized loop on one end and a latch that can be fitted into a hole present in most (perhaps all) the current laptops.

Obviously this does not guarantee that locks the notebook / PC / etc. will not be stolen, even in a country like this where there are many experts in this, is a small but more security, to give more work to the miscreant and perhaps make him quit. The lock can be attached to a bench, pe mesa, chair, ultimately, anything fixed or large / heavy enough not to be carried along with the laptop, so that the only way to remove it either by cutting or breaking the wire rope, and we consider that a theft unplanned bum will not have a good pair of pliers handy for this.

The lock is manufactured in China by F & K Technology. There is a version with key and a version with secret 4 digits, that can be configured by the owner. I chose the version with key, it comes with two keys. Observing the key and the lock observe that there 7 little secrets binary, which would give a total of 128 combinations, a quantity which is only fair, especially considering that possibly not all of these combinations are actually being used. It reminded me of a bike lock that I had, whose key opened the locks of bikes from various friends.

The loop is securely attached to a metal part, covered with a plastic cape, the cable is good and rubberized plastic latch has a argolinha, tudo to avoid “hurt” the equipment is being protected. Sounds like a good finish. In the DX reviews there a lot of people complained about a stench hangs on and so on., but I did not realize it. Just then I remembered these reviews is that I went to check and saw that it has a faint smell of some chemical component, like the ink, but nothing that you can see from afar or bother, at least for me.

On the front we have the F logo & K Technology, Entries “NOTEBOOK COMPUTER LOCK” and “USE HIGH QUALITY ALLOY MATERIAL TO MAKE”. On the back of the pack have instructions in English, it is not perfect, but it is above average and has no serious error. See the photos:

Embalagem da trava de segurança para Laptop/PC da F & K TechnologyEmbalagem da trava de segurança para Laptop/PC da F & K Technology

Packing the security lock for Laptop / PC F & K Technology

Parte traseira da embalagem da trava de laptop/pc, com as instruções em inglês

The back of the pack latch laptop / pc, with instructions in English

Trava de laptop/pc da F & K Technology

Trava of laptop / pc da F & K Technology

And I close my review here. Aguarde o review do Playstation control adapter for PC. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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