Confirmed: New Mega Drive emulator is just a

O novo Mega Drive, que parece uma sanduicheira

O novo Mega Drive, that looks like a sandwich

Some time ago I I wrote about the Mega Drive model George Foreman that Tec Toy recently launched, and that I had seen in a store. At the time I could only see the ugly design, rough finish worthy toy 1,99 and output only mono sound, buy it because it is the last thing that went through my head. By rotating the mobile version of some recent games like Need For Speed, everyone already suspected that the Mega Drive games were emulated this junk, since the original Mega Drive hardware hardly would run these new games.

But now someone finally had the guts to buy a copy of this new Mega Drive, open it and take some pictures, I found the information in a Randolph community in the post Mega Drive Orkut, which removed the information from a Mauro's post in the community of Tec Toy, which in turn pulled information from thread Channel-3, by Julian Constantino.

The photos show the expected: lots of hot glue at the source and at the plate and a processor with entries “Titan 1.0c”, plus some Chinese characters that identify not know. According to the experts it's about um chip programmable, in other words, he must have been programmed with the instructions of the famous Motorola 68000, the processor of the original Mega Drive, plus instructions for mobile games. The emulation Motorola 68000 appears to be half nut, since there are several complaints of slowness and problems in sound.

Summarizing: large ball off the Tec Toy, that with the opportunity to relaunch a classic videogame in an edition for collectors, chose the easy way, burning the name of Mega Drive with a product whose production cost should be as ridiculous as possible to maximize profits.

If you want to play the real Mega Drive do a favor to yourself, download Fusion and some ROMs, or search for a real Mega Drive on eBay.

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