DealExtreme: Controle de XBox 360 by Microsoft, Genuine, Wired (OEM Package) (Genuine Microsoft Wired Game Controller for Xbox 360 (OEM Pack))

Hoje farei o review do Controle de XBox 360 by Microsoft, Genuine, Wired (OEM Package) (Genuine Microsoft Wired Game Controller for Xbox 360 (OEM Pack)), that came in last shipment of DealExtreme. Control is the OEM version, outside the original packaging, and came in a green plastic bag containing a peck with the same serial number control. The version I bought is the Wired, DealExtreme also sells a wireless version retail, where control is accompanied by the receiver in original packaging, beyond a wireless version that contains only the OEM control. I really wanted the wireless version, but the cost was almost double just opting for wired version to save. The wireless version OEM (the receiver without) is only useful for those who already have a receiver on PC (You can connect 4 Controls with the same receptor, then who is buying the second, third or fourth control the receiver does not need to buy again) and who has a XBox 360 that the receiver need not, which is not my case.

The wired version has the drawback that many controls will require multiple USB ports, and the advantage of being much cheaper (regarding the wireless version accompanied by receiver), not need batteries, and not interfere with other devices that use the 2.4GHz frequency. For those who use the PC (which in general is near), the wire fails to disrupt both, even because he must have almost 3 meters, which gives enough freedom. For those playing on XBox 360 the ideal is to get the OEM version wireless, which is slightly more expensive than that bought.

The control is really genuine, is not accompanied by OEM drivers, but they can be easily downloaded from the Microsoft website, Windows Vista even off the driver from Windows Update automatically when the control is first plugged. The first quadrant of the light ring illuminates to indicate that this is the first control, quadrants 2, 3 and 4 should light when used more controls, indicating which is the second, third and fourth respectively controls. The wire contains a recess close to the USB plug, case which disconnects the wire is pulled, preventing players boldest overthrow their computers or video games on the floor in a poke more radical.

I decided to buy control of the XBox 360 after becoming aware of XInput, what happened after he threw the Fifa 09, as I said in another post, a game that has a DirectInput support for joysticks extremely limited, not allowing the use of all buttons, unless something is done gambiarra. O Fifa 09 is not reason enough to buy this control, but the trend is that more and more games and prefer to support the XInput. Furthermore, it is quite convenient to use the same control of the XBox 360, the same way that has been very advantageous to use the controls of Playstation, because both are what is best in anatomy, comfort, etc. and no need to get used to another control when playing the video games. For developers it is also very advantageous to have equal input interfaces on different platforms.

For those unaware, the control of the XBox 360 has two analog joysticks (4 axes), um D-Pad Digital, two analog triggers (LT and RT, but 2 axes), 4 major digital buttons (X, And, A and B), 2 digital buttons on “shoulders” (LB and RB), 2 digital buttons, pressing the analog joyticks center, more buttons Start and Back, besides button Painel XBox. The controls for XBox 360 also incorporates vibrating, feature that became famous with the Dual Shock. You can also connect headsets it, feature not tested by having no compatible headset. The layout is similar to the control of Playstation, inverting only the position of the D-pad with the left joystick, and replacing the buttons L2 and R2 triggers by.

For games that use DirectInput is not only a great advantage to use the control XBox 360, because the Microsoft driver gives him a support only reasonable, with trigger buttons functioning as a single axis, preventing them from being pressed simultaneously, In addition to not support the vibration or headsets. There is an unofficial driver called XBCD, that circumvents these problems, but not tested because they prefer to continue using the controls with Playstation USB adapter in emulators and older games without support Xinput.

For games with XInput is that control of XBox 360 shines. My first test was with the Pro Evolution Soccer 2009. When selecting the XInput no longer need to configure any button, all already have their predefined functions and worked perfectly. My second test was with the Fifa 09, it also identifies the control and already set correctly with the option to reconfigure the way we want, but in this case EA made a service through pig, because the buttons are indicated by numbers rather than letters, so we do not know which corresponds to that. And to test the vibration used the Rainbow Six: Vegas 2, it was more the service well done and once selected control XBox 360 the buttons will be called by their true names, and even during the game appears correctly phrases like “Press A to open the door” with a drawing of the green button. As I am used to playing FPS games with keyboard and mouse control shamefully picked this game, but I think it's just a matter of getting used. The vibration works correctly, making a comeback (feedback) useful when the character is in the firing line.

Here are some photos:

O controle de XBox 360, OEM, e o saquinho que o acompanha

The controls for XBox 360, OEM, and the bag accompanying

Parte de baixo do controle, incluindo o selo holográfico de autenticidade

The bottom of control, holographic label including the authenticity

Visão da parte traseira do controle de XBox 360, com os gatilhos

Rear view control XBox 360, with triggers

O controle do XBox 360

The control of the XBox 360

And I close my review here. Wait for the next: at Digital Mosquito Repeller with Armband (Digital Mosquito Repeller with Armband), a Dynamo Lanterna com 3 LEDs (3-LED Dynamo Battery-free Flashlight), a Cola Two-Component Acrylate 302 (5 minutes, Cola A B) (302 Two-Component Acrylate Adhesive (5-Minute A B Glue)), at Super Mini Bluetooth Adapter 2.0 (Compatible with Vista) (Super Mini Bluetooth 2.0 Adapter Dongle (Vista Compatible)) and an Memory Card Reader USB 2.0, 13 in 1, SDHC/SD/MicroSD (SDHC/SD/MMC/MicroSD TF 13-in-1 USB 2.0 Memory Card Reader). If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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Dude I found another source for the DealExtreme, and comecei to comprar the, tb bought a controlling Xbox360, But it was the version with wireless receiver, fiz to buy not give 05/12/08 and I was delivered in 07/01/09, paid $.58,98 = R$.142,00, I was taxed by the IRS, and paguei R $ .37,09 (This was not very), and still offset the purchase, for the same product in mercadolibre this out for $ .349,00, I leave here, that the product is of good quality, and unique product, came in sealed packaging and accompanying manual and installation CD with drivers, works perfectly on current games, and some older games that have, I used a tool called Xpadder (control who uses PS2, already must have heard this program that emulates a virtual keyboard), and we can set the keys on the control buttons. OBS: I made another purchase a few 2 days ago, Desta time comprei 2 Batteries 4000mAh and 3 silicone to control the Xbox, being 2 batteries and 2 layers to the controls of the Xbox 360 here lan, and 1 Silicone Case for my control I use the PC at home. I found the excellent blog,… Read more "


I'm in the state of São Paulo (Presidente Prudente), and my product actually passed the IRS Curitiba, My first purchase was a DVI x HDMI, I used to connect my PC to my LCD, but this was released by recipe, after another purchase efetuei, But on a site in Japan that sell special lenses, paid $.19,90 na lens, tb and this went through Curitiba and was released, Taxed until now only been in control of the Xbox, we see this last purchase fiz na Deal, to be appraised.


Fabricio, you were taxed on the purchase of control x-box ? A hug.


I'm looking to buy a xbox control 360 ( OEM pack) do Deal Extreme, But a lot of people complaining that it is not new and is used, isso proceeds???? Hugs personal

[…] 20/01/2009 – Controle de XBox 360 Wired: This is the wired version, I bought it for use on PC (I do not have XBox 360), and then ended up buying the wireless version. Both running today. This even traveled with me and poured some emulators to play with my favorite games. […]


Fabricio, very good blog, helps a lot, tb bought this control in the deal 07/2009, veio oem e uso diariamente sem nenhum problema 😀


Fabricio, First congratulations for review.

I also have an XBox control 360 com fio p/ Windows. I wonder if when you tested the control in Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 worked vibration. Because so far I could not make it work here. I appreciate your help.


Funny, PES2009 because the Xbox has vibration yes.

Anyway, Thanks for the trouble.


Skooter parabéns, excellent review. Comprei uns 10 these controls and I am putting for sale on eBay, I wanted to ask you permission to use the images and clear, give them credit for and publicizing the blog. I await your response, hug.

Ricardo de Almeida


I bought an X box 360 Caught in the U.S., que veio com um controle s/ fio incluso e depois comprei outro controle semelhante no mesmo lugar a parte so que nao funciona, poderia me dizer porque? Thomas

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