jan 21 2009

DealExtreme: Super Mini Bluetooth Adapter 2.0 (Compatible with Vista) (Super Mini Bluetooth 2.0 Adapter Dongle (Vista Compatible))

The review today is on Super Mini Bluetooth Adapter 2.0 (Compatible with Vista) (Super Mini Bluetooth 2.0 Adapter Dongle (Vista Compatible)), that came in latest packages of DealExtreme. As its title indicates, this adapter is very small, excluding it has only USB plug 9 extensão millimeters, 18 millimeters in length and 7 height mm, and with its rounded shape is very discreet. The price of 2,78 U.S. dollar (frete included) is also unbeatable.

During the activity is possible to observe a red LED inside, because the plastic is semi-translucent. The packaging stated that it is a “Bluetooth 2.0”, “Windows Vista Ready” and supports voice data. Windows Vista x64 it was automatically detected, the default drivers were automatically installed and he went to work, detecting my phone and enabling the connection with him, using the Nokia Software, and also for sending and receiving files using only the standard Windows functions.

The nominal range is up 100 meters (class 1) but this should hardly be true, in my experience the signal goes through some walls, reaching at least a dozen meters, but of course it also depends on the scope of the other device. To ensure it is better to rely only on the scope inside the room where it is, which should be sufficient for most purposes for which it is intended bluetooth.

Inside the package also came a mini-CD with BlueSoleil version, as é 2007 and, therefore, is already quite outdated. As I was never a big fan of this software (that has caused me problems in the past), I was not behind a newer version and am satisfied with the same Windows stack. And it is unlikely that he accepted a newer version, as for its price it certainly should not have license to use the BlueSoleil, um like ele, more licensed, costs 30 Euros on site BluSoleil.

The package also not behind any brand manufacturer, and Windows identifies only as “Generic Bluetooth Radio”, and identifies the manufacturer as being “Cambridge Silicon Radio Ltd.”, I do not know to what extent this information is reliable, mas was what appeared.

As I had already purchased a Bluetooth dongle long ago on eBay, I decided to leave it on my old PC and put the one that came on my DX printer, which is an HP C6180, which have USB interfaces natively, Ethernet e Wi-Fi 802.11g, in addition to already be ready for Bluetooth, simply connect a dongle into a USB port, it also serves to connect digital cameras and use the PictBridge standard, which allows direct printing machine. With the dongle connected the printer begins to accept bluetooth connections to PCs and / or laptops and print normally. You can also print directly from mobile phones, but could not do it, although the printer detects the phone informs that there is no compatible printers, but that games are probably due to some incompatibility between my phone (Nokia 6131) and to impressora, seen that my PC usually managed print.

And I close my review leaving some photos:

Embalagem do Bluetooth USB Dongle

Embalagem do Bluetooth USB Dongle

Verso da embalagem do Bluetooth USB Dongle

Back of the pack of Bluetooth USB Dongle

Mini-CD com o BlueSoleil e o adaptador Bluetooth

Mini-CD with Bluetooth adapter and BlueSoleil

Super Mini Bluetooth USB Dongle

Super Mini Bluetooth USB Dongle

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