DealExtreme problems with the site

Many people are not getting into the DealExtreme since last night, apparently by a DNS problem.

A DealExtreme já informou que está ciente que o site está inacessível e pedem desculpas por qualquer inconveniência que isso tenha causado.

Reported that the problem is being resolved with the company that makes the domain name registration, DealExtreme and that is working with them to solve problems.

Meantime, customers can access the site through

The service customer service ( and shipping operations were affected NOT packages this problem.

The DealExtreme value quite availability, all servicos, and problems like this are very rare. They ask that everyone is certain that they will do their best to bring the site back as soon as possible.

This information was disclosed by Kyle, dono da

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I can’t read this language. I am a stupid American that can only read English. I found this site because I was searching for imformation about why the website has not been working for the past 24 hours. My online business depends heavily on, so I am very worried. I cannot find any information about this anywhere on English speaking sites. If you know what is going on and can speak English enough to tell me, please email me and tell me. Thank you!


valeu friend! a +-6 months bought, I got scared and, I thought it was another one of those sites that disappear and leave everybody in hand, and talk, this business of cheap thing in DX, vitiates saw!!!!!!!


Today I tried to access,but was out,but I saw it was a DNS problem due to the fact ping the site by prompt,and the site responded,but for technical reasons unknown was down,day dawn hoje 23/01/2009 I could access it and ate already made a new purchase,Rs!!
Until the next.

Good advantage,efetuei a post and is listed as pending,approve ai so I can,make a new.


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