jan 22 2009

DealExtreme problems with the site

Many people are not getting into the DealExtreme since last night, apparently by a DNS problem.

The DealExtreme has said it is aware that the site is inaccessible www.dealextreme.com and apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Reported that the problem is being resolved with the company that makes the domain name registration, DealExtreme and that is working with them to solve problems.

Meantime, customers can access the site through http://www2.dealextreme.com.

The service customer service (http://services.dealextreme.com/) and shipping operations were affected NOT packages this problem.

The DealExtreme value quite availability, all servicos, and problems like this are very rare. They ask that everyone is certain that they will do their best to bring the site back as soon as possible.

This information was disclosed by Kyle, dono da DealExtreme.com

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