DealExtreme: Memory Card Reader USB 2.0, 13 in 1, SDHC/SD/MicroSD (SDHC/SD/MMC/MicroSD TF 13-in-1 USB 2.0 Memory Card Reader)

The review today is on Memory Card Reader USB 2.0, 13 in 1, SDHC/SD/MicroSD (SDHC/SD/MMC/MicroSD TF 13-in-1 USB 2.0 Memory Card Reader), that came in latest packages of DealExtreme. I decided to include it in my purchase because the Finally I bought and arrived in October worked well for a few months, but suddenly stopped being recognized by Windows, Acende or LED, but gives no other sign of life.

The reader is brand Siyoteam, as written on the player and also the packaging, and the model is SY-390. Windows identifies it as a “ChipBank SD/MM Reader USB Device”. It is translucent blue and has two slots, one for SD and one for MicroSD cards, dispensing adapter connected the. With the SD card inserted you can not close the lid, microSD now with no such problem. According to the packaging it also reads various types of SDHC and MMC, which could not test because I do not have any of these card types. The 13 in 1 certainly is obtained by summing all the different variations of SD and MMC.

The packaging also says the basics: em runs Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, Mac OS 9.1 or higher. Utiliza power it directly from the USB port, has an LED to monitor activity and edit the data directly on the reader (to highlight that part that did not work as I will describe later), and ability to drag and drop files between different pendrives. The package also says that he reaches 480 Mbps, which is no more than the maximum theoretical speed of USB 2.0.

Windows Vista x64 it is recognized standards and drivers are installed automatically. It reads perfectly files, but there. I could not write anything at all on any card. I tested in 2 different computers (com both Windows Vista x64), e testei 3 different SD cards, and in all cases is not possible to make any recording (edit, turn off, Copy new file, etc.), in other words, it works only for reading. Even the error message when trying to record something is that the card is write-protected, even though it is not.

Faced with this problem, the card reader was semi-useless to me, now I download pictures of cards, but I can not delete them. So I contacted the DX to do a RMA. I'm waiting for reply.

I conclude my review leaving some photos:

Embalagem do leitor de cartões da Siyoteam

Packaging card reader of Siyoteam

Verso da embalagem do leitor de cartões da Siyoteam

Back of the package card reader of Siyoteam

Leitor de Cartões SD/SDHC/MMC/MicroSD da Siyoteam

Card Reader SD / SDHC / MMC / MicroSD Siyoteam

Parte de baixo do leitor de cartões da Siyoteam

Bottom of the card reader Siyoteam

Leitor de Cartões da Siyoteam com as tampas abertas

Card Reader Siyoteam with the covers open

Leitor de cartões da Siyoteam com cartão SD, não dá para fechar a tampa

Card reader with SD of Siyoteam, you can not close the lid

Leitor de cartões da Siyoteam com cartão microSD inserido

Card reader with the microSD card inserted Siyoteam

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I'm a reader and is not working in windows vista oq do??

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