Dealextreme: Computer Chassis Fan Protective Mask Cover

Today I will make my first review of the products I have purchased from DealExtreme.

Already various compas there efetuei, among them this product: Computer Chassis Fan Protective Mask Cover, very used to moders case or similar, some people use the Computer Chassis Fan Protective Mask Cover when you put a new fan in the computer case or making a hole to fit the same, remembering that this “grid” as it is called, have size 80mm, if you ever get it in DealExtreme, the hole should be done should be 80mm. I had bought one before with FAN 4 leds (PC Case 120mm 4-LED Chassis Fan), but the same is 120mm, and thought this grid should fit but did not, then here is a tip for those who would like to give a more beautiful look in his office, this detail.

Detail of the “Grill” stainless.

In the next reviews will be posting on a fan 120mm (PC Case 120mm 4-LED Chassis Fan).

The grid, bought in 28/12/2008 no value 1,90 Dollar, compensated despite the dollar being expensive somewhere around 2,25 the date of purchase in DealExtreme, the package came out day 03/01/2009 arrived in Brazil day 08/01/2009 and was delivered day 13/01/2009, not bad, Despite being new year's Eve and the post office and the recipe being in an atmosphere of “party”.

Wait, soon more products in reviews.

If you also want to shop in dealextreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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Hello Maurilio, I took a look at text awaiting approval, but it's kind of confusing, give a revised it please. Or you can leave it aside and focus on the reviews, because DX vacations are already running out even.

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