Federal Government funding cuts of Science and Technology, Fellows may be dismissed

The Minister of Science and Technology, Sergio Rezende, classified as irresponsible cutting 18% folder on your budget, approved by Congress for 2009, e admitiu that, if the situation does not reverse, “Fellows will have to be sent away”.

The piece was made by Senator budget Delcídio Amaral (PT-MS). “The rapporteur demonstrated a lack of responsibility, Compromise, with Brazil's future”, Rao said the Sheet yesterday.

Source: Folha Online

Yeah, President did not study, then one can also study. What we expect from a country that does not invest in research? It is because of this rabble who is there that walks behind Brazil. Meanwhile the crisis is coming, crime will increase, and the President has approved the majority of the population(?!). Can not understand…

On second thought, understanding gives sim pra, cuts up investment in Science and Technology, but remains the sum of alms-bag that cat until the late Billy receives, populist maneuver that obviously does not solve definitively the problem of families who receive, depedência but creates a benefit that guarantees reelection and approval of the population. It is unfortunate…

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