Lula widens income limit beneficiaries of Bolsa Família

President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva on Wednesday decided to allow families with monthly per capita income of up to R $ 137 receive the benefits of Bolsa Família. Until then, authorization was only for households with monthly per capita income of U.S. $ 120. The decision was taken by Lula after meeting with minister Ananias (Social Development).


Yesterday in Sao Paulo, to minister Dilma Rousseff (Home Civil) praised the efficiency of the Bolsa Familia program.

Source: Folha Online

Eu já wise!

Lula is the style of govern-EN: strip of Science and Technology and no coloca esmola bag, whose criteria to determine who really need the help are so good that the Billy was um cat Beneficiary. Nothing better than expected, after all is not a priority of this government invest in research, the important thing is to get alms extend to more 1,3 million potential voters in Dilma 2010.

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