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Today's review is of 120mm FAN, PC Case 120mm 4-LED Chassis Fan. It FAN, “fan” or “cooler”, as it is called, was acquired with the intention of putting more ventilation in an enclosure I have and has 6 bays. Yet the use, but still found it interesting to buy to see if this cooler is actually expected. The cooler has 4 LEDs of different cores, the finish is very good and is transparent, but there was an inconvenience though a good product. Mal called the test and there were leds, he did not call more, I do not know if something was wrong I called or something, but have not had success with it. In the second link the LEDs were. I tried to check connections, but no success, even with the right connections. Maybe even come with problems.

I will ask DX to check for possible exchanges, though I be with another product with them to exchange for several days without success, was a purchase of a card Digital TV tune (USB DVB-T TV Tuner Dongle with Full-Size Remote and Hi-Gain Antenna), I'll soon be describing in a review. As of the date of this post still no solution to her problem. Anyway back to the cooler, was a good buy, although the problem, but let's see if it will be changed or not, solution if there'll be reporting here.

Details Cooler:

Another inconvenience is that it does not have the cable which speeds cooler, in other words, is not compatible controllers to cooler like this: High Performance PC Case Speed Controller, also got thinking that it would work to control speed. Anyway it was a good buy, and cheap. The time spent between the date of purchase to the date of delivery was 16 days, bad for international deliveries, was used “Gift Service” like this.

Until the next review.

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