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Review: USB DVB-T TV Tuner Dongle with Full-Size Remote and Hi-Gain Antenna

Good, Today will be achieved one review, muito interesting. This review, as well as other has a different feature, because there was problem with the product, that came defective. Then, among the various information and complaints with the DX, still in open and unresolved the question of exchange of the product.

Let the information: This product (USB DVB-T TV Tuner Dongle with Full-Size Remote and Hi-Gain Antenna) was purchased day 21/12/2008. Since the date of purchase to the date of delivery, 10/01/2009, passed away 20 days in total. Post offices with delayed delivery, everything normal for Brazilian chaotic patterns.

It is a very good product USB, to be used both as notebook PCs, looks similar to a USB stick, somewhat greater, but small size compared to most other semelhantes.Veio devices with a digital antenna, with a magnet base, that coupled to the input connector provides the antenna signal to the product, it measures somewhere around 12cm.

Esse receptor digital usa a tecnologia DVB-T, different from our new technology adopted this year by broadcasters across the country, called SBTVD-T, Brazilian System of acronym for Digital Terrestrial television, created with own standards, but derived from the Japanese system technology television (ISDB). In mincing words, this adapter and digital TV receiver is not for the Brazilian digital TV standards, only for the Asian and European sitema. Who is buy a tuner like this, must wait for some compatible with our TV system, which in my opinion is still in the expansion phase, even in large capital.

The product came in a plastic bag, accompanied by an antenna, um receptor USB, a remote control, and an installation CD, it also comes with the software in Portuguese. I believe it is for Portugal (Europe). Windows XP recognized the device, but gave trouble to install it. The software that came always fought, and even with multiple drivers and information I acquired was unable to make it work, I believe that came with problems. So I contacted the DX, opening a request for exchange or refund, but firsthand how what happens to other people, asked me to send the product. But checking the page for sending value is 77% the value of goods and DX only covers 30% of its value, ie would be more expensive to send back. Again I contacted and informed them, were willing to cover the repair, but being a play “on-board” She does not accept solder or something. So due to boredom again I contacted reporting the disorder, and told me it would 9% discount on my next purchase. But it is impossible to receive only 9% value as it would still at a loss and unresolved and or merchandise. For the fourth time I contacted, but because of this mini-vacation of the lunar year since this year beginning (from 24/01 a 30/01/2009), not yet got the answer DX If on the solution in question.

Anyway this is a warning for product purchases over $ 30U dollars, because besides the dollar is still expensive, somewhere around £ 2,33 until today's date (25/01/2009), is impossible to buy, go through the tightening of customs to be taxed, and finally come up with problems, that if it happens is a serious problem, because the reference is almost 100% the value of the adquirido.Vale pay attention to these information, because many people are having the same problem. And more expensive goods, most at risk and is not always what was expected,remember that the best buy would be people who have already bought and declare the truth of the product, with good quality, balancing the cost versus benefit.

Details of plate:

USB DVB-T TV Tuner Dongle with Full-Size Remote and Hi-Gain Antenna

The price, was something relevant, although there are other more expensive, cost $ 33,58 U.S. dollar. Ultimately, was another good buy, but hope to have clarification from DealExtreme about what happened, and news will be reporting.

Until the next review. Click here and make your purchases directly in Dealextreme.

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I didn't understand why you bought this receiver that, as you said it does not work for the Brazilian standard.

What would be the use for you ???



Try to get other software to install with the adapter, these tv adapters suck always give problem with incompatibility.
You'll struggle to find a compatible driver.
I think the problem is not with the product.


Anyway I tried several drivers,but it gave me so much headache,that I left it out of anger,when you are calmer,I'll check,if there is a solution for this case I will inform here.
T + and thanks for the suggestion!


About this product, got some solution? I also bought, but I didn't know it didn't work here in Brazil…
Thank you.


I had to return, and ordered another merchandise , finally do what?…..

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