jan 29 2009

Application Form Revision of Import Duty

The IRS taking walks with heavy import duty lately, at least for those who are served by the Federal Revenue Inspectorate of Curitiba, what goes for an unknown reason being the case of those who live in the state of São Paulo, formerly served by the Federal Revenue Inspectorate of São Paulo.

Who buys the DealExtreme is having the unpleasant surprise of seeing your packages without opening taxed, with taxable value arbitrated in 150 Hong Kong dollars, which gives about $ 27,00 de imposed. This value is sometimes lower than that of the products, and therefore there is nothing to do but pay it, after all we are the country that has more taxes, which unfortunately are not reversed in favor of the population because the vast majority of governments are corrupt and pocket all.

But in some cases the product has less value than what was arbitrated, and then the recipient can request a review. For example, a friend of mine bought a memory card 4 dollars and the IRS auditor who refereed one memory card worth 150 Hong Kong dollars, which gave a tax of about U.S. $ 27,00. This amount is totally absurd, but 3 times the actual price of the product, when required by law is 60% the value of the product, what is already a great absurdity, whereas in decent countries that value is only 20%, but unfortunately the law is and what else is in Brazil is moronic law, law only favors bandit, imposed and burocracia.

To request a review the recipient must go to the post office where the package is provided with receipts showing the actual amount paid for the product. No case of DealExtreme Be the invoice of purchase, printed from the site of DealExtreme and printed from PayPal. I also recommend sending the product listing page, consisting value, copy of the invoice and credit card (or previous invoice). In the mail you must fill out an application to be sent to the IRS auditor, requesting a review. Fill this crap when there is boring, belated, delay queue and you can still suffer a certain terrorism by the postal clerk, as happened to me, they'll be talking about that will probably even increase the tax. Ignore these comments, the guy is just wanting you to pay just to not have to see you again here in a few 15 days, or maybe he does not know how to do the right application for review, perhaps never I HAVE done, and do not want to have to keep asking for help colleagues and / or superiors. To avoid having to go through this pain-to-head again I ordered an extra form and brought home, to next time already filled lead, and even took a “But next time will have?” Lazy Employee.

And because I'm nice, I am providing this form to download here, so if your package was taxed with value above permitted by law, You can now print this form and bring the completed form to save time:

Download the Application Form Revision of Import Duty

Simply fill in your details, mark “Review of taxable value”, the number of NTS (Note Simplified Taxation) you have to see there at the post office, is the only information that you do not have to fill out a priori, unless you call the agency and ask, since the mail does not put her on notice of arrival. The reason for requesting the review is that the arbitrated value was higher than the actual value of the product, and to prove it you are attaching documents that I mentioned up there (invoice, Product Announcement, etc.), describe them in the appropriate lines (numbered 1 a 4). No use trying to argue that it is a gift to get rid of the tax because the auditor is probably not dizzy, know the DX and maybe even buy her exempting himself from taxes, and then yes you will only waste time and will end up having to pay the original fine NTS.

The line of “I am aware” is there because if your request is denied and pass 30 days of the issuance of the original NTS you will have to pay a fine to collect it, and perhaps a storage fee at the post office. But this is only for cases where the request is denied, This should not happen if you are in the right, some? If your application is accepted will be issued a new NTS, with the correct value, and new expiration date, so you have 30 days to go get the mail and pay tribute to the issuance of new NTS.

Note that in order to revise the package back to the IRS, The whole procedure should take a few more 15 days or more, if you hurry you may not be worth, and if you have no reason definitely not worth it, because the request may be denied and NTS old already won back for you to pay fine. Note also that the tax is calculated taking into account the exchange rate of the day of issue of the NTS, in other words, if exchange rate in this period you can win or lose out. I advise making the request for review only if the difference goes over $ 10,00 or more 10% (is greater), because otherwise you run the risk of having your application accepted, but the NTS leave with an even greater value because of a spike in the dollar (what has been happening quite), or the difference be so low that not even worth going to the new post, you lose time (always tem row) and spends gasoline / ethanol / diesel / bus ticket / bicycle tire / shoe sole / parking / flanelinha / etc.

Finally warn that the form does not have a single model, it may be different at the agency that serves you, and then you decide to send the same or another fills. I am not responsible for denied requests for review or any problem you may have, I'm just trying to help you passing information that may or may not be useful and provide the form for you to fill it with calm. Good luck! 🙂

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