Dealextreme: Stainless Steel Facial Hair Remover

This product: Stainless Steel Facial Hair Remover (Facial Hair Remover Stainless Steel)

It is a product dedicated to women more, because its function is to remove those unwanted hair from face, or even other body parts, as ears, arms, legs, and afins. Being a spring in its full length, he grabs the bend and serves as a handle. Meio seems sarcastic, but for women is an essential item. This product, beautifully finished, and good material, does not harm the skin. Despite its limitations, if used correctly is to have a compelling these. The public can also use male: ever thought of that boot by jammed, that does not leave through normal means, or plucking hair from one ear that bothers both?

Details remover facial.

This product was purchased in DealExtreme, link: (Stainless Steel Facial Hair Remover), cost value of U.S. $ 2.89, not bad for being a polished product, with rubberized handle, and spring steel. I have not seen any similar in Brazil, and with this price was another good buy. He came along with other commodities in package, which was also used “gift” to remove the DX logo. It was worth buying again there,despite the dollar being expensive yet. While it is high, something around 2,25 and 2,30 until the date of such purchase, purchases are being more careful and gadgets even while only. As the price of some products there are still good, it is still interesting to acquire or small electronic gadgets which are not here, and also by differential: “Free Shipping” for all Brazil.

If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, click here and good shopping!

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