Extensão G-Buster Browser Defense – Bank of Brazil causes problems in Firefox

Some time ago I noticed that my Mozilla Firefox was in trouble for downloading: when you click a download link nothing happened and I could only download the desired file if you clicked on the link with the shift key, which had the disadvantage of opening a new window which then had to be closed.

Immediately suspected to be some extent of causing the problem Firefox, but for a time lived with it for lack of time to leave each disabling Firefox extension, restarting the browser and re-testing. But today I decided to put their hands dirty and after disable and reenable some extensions just identifying the culprit, and she is the G-Buster Browser Defense – Banco do Brasil, such security extension is installed (with user authorization) when we logged in the home banking do Banco do Brasil, and never imagined that she would be the problem.

It notary or Unibanco uses this, apparently, the same protection: G-Buster Browser Defense – Unibanco, But it does not cause any problem. I also observe that Unibanco's version is, while the Bank of Brazil is the, which may be an indication that the problem has been resolved, but the Bank of Brazil did not update your software version. As an interim solution to have disabled this protection, since they do not use the home-banking Bank of Brazil to see nothing but the extract of a savings without moving for a long time, but for those who use the home-banking Bank of Brazil to transact the extension is required and the user is left to live with the problems brought by it or enable it only when the bank will use.

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