DealExtreme: Digital Mosquito Repeller with Armband (Digital Mosquito Repeller with Armband)

The review today is on Digital Mosquito Repeller with Armband (Digital Mosquito Repeller with Armband), acquired on DealExtreme, and it arrived in one of last packet that arrived from DX. The device has a model, as é S-310, but no indication of who the manufacturer.

In the package we have entries “Mosquito Repeller”, remembering that our mosquitoes, is a regionalism for certain types of mosquitoes. On the back we have some instructions in English only (nothing in Chinese), and English is not the best as in most products.

Embalagem do repelente eletrônico de mosquitos

Packaging of electronic mosquito repellent

The device has a key 3 positions: OFF (off), Male Mosquito (Mosquito Macho) E Dragon Fly (Dragon-fly). Position in the Mosquito device emits a sound similar to the male mosquito, Mosquitoes that bite are females inseminated (Pregnant, moms over a lot of mosquitoes will bite you), that males tend to flee, and therefore this is the working principle of the apparatus. In the Mosquito noise emitted is high frequency, virtually inaudible to humans. I say almost because I could hear the noise touching the ear, but it is still very difficult, and how the threshold of audible frequencies varies from person to person, Can you not hear. Either way your dog can probably hear it. I was also happy to hear because the ability to hear high frequencies decreases with age, and I still hear it because I have heard young and full of life.

As for the way dragonfly: the first time I saw this I thought the second mode: wonder why anyone would want dragonflies? They are not able to poke, and still are predators of mosquitoes and flies, and therefore useful in controlling these populations, providing a service to humans. So amazing dragonflies would be kinda pointless, unless you are a person who likes to scare away mosquitoes and dragonflies want to help protect them. But was just thinking a little plug for fall: mode the unit will not dragonfly dragonflies amazes, but emits the sound of a dragonfly, which mosquitoes will hear and fear being eaten, as lemurs in Madagascar escape from foosas (yes, o King Julian é um lêmure, seu uneducated, reading a dictionary look!). Now yes, it all makes sense. Note that I am not so stupid to have misunderstood, since the very DealExtreme also got it wrong, as we can see in the description that they put in the product: “Dual modes: keeps mosquito and dragon flys away (selectable)”, which apparently fooled many buyers also, as we can see from the reviews site. Dragonfly mode noise is audible, but nothing that should bother, at least will not bother taking more than getting mosquito bites.

A chave para selecionar: desligado, ruído de mosquito macho, ruído de libélula

The key to selecting: off, male mosquito noise, dragonfly noise

The repellent also has a red LED that can be triggered by pressing a button that is next to the sound output. The device is powered by a battery CR2032, also available from DealExtreme, the review a chart with 20 CR2032 batteries I've done here in Skooter Blog. The repellent already comes with a battery, the multimeter indicated 3.2V (the nominal voltage is 3V), in other words, she is new.

Close no repelente eletrônico: na parte de cima o alto-falante e o botão da luz, e na parte de baixo o compartimento de pilhas

Close the electronic repellent: on top of the speaker and the light button, and the bottom of the battery compartment

LED vermelho acionado

Red LED fires

The clamp is a joke, too short, probably will not serve anyone in, didnot even on my wrists. But the clip device is useful to secure it on the waist (for example), and he also has a argolinha allowing put it on a keychain or something.

O aparelho repelente, a braçadeira e a pilha CR2032

The apparatus repellent, the clamp and the battery CR2032

A parte de trás do aparelho com o clipe, ao lado da braçadeira e da bateria CR2032

The back of the device with the clip, beside the clamp and the battery CR2032

The instructions have the basics: three operating modes, the light button, how to put the battery, and a statement saying that not all mosquitoes are driven away by the same frequency, and that we should test each one by 15 minutes or until satisfactory results are obtained, what is more a confirmation of what I said about not being repellent against dragonflies, what is also clear from the name of the device “Mosquito Repeller”, not “Mosquito and Drangon Fly repeller”. Finally the package says that the cover of the device is 6 a 8 feet, in other words, us a 1.83 m 2.44 m, which should be sufficient to cover a whole person, or several people close.

Instruções no verso da embalagem do repelente de mosquitos

Instructions on the back of the pack mosquito repellent

But the big question still must be: this stuff really works? And I waited several days to do the review just to try to answer this question, but unfortunately I'm going to leave it unanswered. I was not using the device chopped, that means it works? Not exactly, may have just been coincidence. The reviews we see on DX are not conclusive, diz people running muita, many people say that there, may depend largely on the type of mosquito. But anyway, I still prefer to sleep chemical repellents (those that we link the taking), I have confirmed whose efficiency, than being repellent electronic testing this until you have a concrete answer.

If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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Skooter you already found the answer to the question if this really works? I'm not sure whether I buy or not!

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