Dingoo A-320: Portable emulates GBA, NES, SNES, Mega Drive, Neo Geo, CPS 1 and 2 and other

Dingoo A-320

Dingoo A-320

Em middle market dispute between Sony and Nintendo, with their respective PSP and Nintendo DS, There is a new laptop with a new proposal. The Dingoo A-320, for sale by 85 DealExtreme na U.S. dollars (frete included) is a laptop that emulates several islands that were part of my childhood / adolescence and even more recent. Among them we can mention the emulated console portable Boy Advance Games (GBA), Game Boy Color (GBC) e Game Boy (GB); also the traditional consoles: Nintendo (NES), Super Nintendo (SNES, Super Famicom), Mega Drive (SMD, Genesis), Neo Geo; and even some Arcade games, as those that run the plates CPS1 and CPS2 Capcom, and there are included classics like Street Fighter II series, Shadow Dancer, Final Fight and many other. Are video games 8, 16 e até 32 bits. Furthermore, New emulators may be available in the future, either by the manufacturer himself, such as those developed by users via the SDK available.

And the notebook is not only in emulation videogames, it is also a powerful media player, able to play video files in formats RMVB, RM, AVI, WMV, FLV, MPEG, THAT, MP4, ASF, etc. without resizing. Also wheel audio files in formats: MP3, WMA APE, FLAC, etc. and music can continue running while other functions are accessed.

The Dingoo also has an e-book reader, 76 ~ 108MHz FM radio with memory for 40 stations, digital recorder that records WAV and MP3, and an image browser that supports many formats, including JPG, PNG, BMP e GIF, with rotation functions, zoom, slide show, etc.

The high definition screen has a total of 16 million colors available, has 2,8 inches, 320×240 pixels. Besides the Dingoo has an output of Audio and Video, allowing it to be turned on TV, for watching videos or playing games consoles. So you can play your Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo on the big screen, or you can download the videos on the Internet, record in the gadget and watch TV or DVDs without having to write something like.

The Dingoo also has USB interface 2.0 allowing the ao-PC League, with support for Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Mac. The internal capacity is 4GB and can be expanded via micro SD cards. Supports SDHC Ele, so the capacity can be easily expanded to 12GB with an 8GB card.

The lithium battery is internal, Rechargeable via USB port or AC adapter, but little is yet known about the duration of the same.

Besides the games emulated the Dingoo should also have games developed especially for him, but I believe that there should be many, the highlight stay even for emulator.

And for those who think that the emulation will slow, with sound passable, etc. as in other laptops, this video shows exactly the opposite, games running at its original speed with very good sound:


The package includes a Dingoo A-320, manual in English and Chinese, USB Charger, Stereo headphones and audio output cable video. I never very interested in portable, actually never had any, except those mini-games with monochrome sprites preset positions in the years 80, and mobile games that only by breaking a twig convenience of always being in the pocket, but suffer from the lack of a joystick. But the possibility of being able to play good games of my childhood attracted considerable attention, left waiting for reviews from people who already bought to know all the details.

If you want to buy your Dingoo A-320 na DealExtreme, enjoy because the price is the best so far and the shipping is free, e não se esqueça de dar uma passada por aqui depois para dizer o que achou 😉

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Buying a Nokia N or E series (has models starting at 300 account) gives emulate pra: gameboy color, master system, snes, atari, mega and GBA. Not to mention that runs any format video and audio (simply install CorePlayer) and even displays and edits doc files, xls, ppt, e pps PDF.

And wheel mobile games in JAVA and Symbian (is identical versions of the ps1 games on Symbian).

Ps. Some more powerful models like n82 and n95 8gb, can run old games like pc: doom, quake 1 and 2, and others duke nukem.


But, drdoom, guess its a very different play phone. Mainly by the factor joystick, out? Obviously not counting the huge price difference.

If he read PDFs would be great for me. And I walked by checking google, it seems that you can not connect a Dingoo another to play 2 players mode.

I wanted to know, type, how long the battery will allow software updates to other utilities (how to emulate or master system to read these PDFs), but soda're getting information. All I think is in Chinese…


“Em middle market dispute between Sony and Nintendo, with their respective PSP and Nintendo DS, There is a new laptop with a new proposal.”, what it means?

First: the PSP does all that you said and more
Second: demeans the PSP DS, nor does it compare to
Third: Emulate videogames is prohibited by law


Hunter, Humilha PSP DS??
You draw with the PSP? You do mixes with PSP?? Makes animations with PSP?? … finally let it go… like you're a fan of sony boy, I'm from nintendo then this type of discussion leads to nothing ..(although it is a proven fact that the DS is a world in a laptop, Great games beyond the obvious…)
This new portable ai can really take a good slice of the market…. not necessarily portable gaming, but the very ordinary players… between an MP5 same price and a gadget with more features and games, or choose consumer ele vai.
If it works well even as they say, will be a good choice for those who want to see their vídeoszinhos while waiting their turn at the dentist's office… and still leads along a neogeo and a gba….


Now I want to see this business emulate neogeo. hj not appear until a console can emulate neogeo decently q, NEM PS2. and even converted games are not so good as the original for MVS. pay eh pra see!


Turkish, I have a PSP, and it emulates Neo Geo PERFECTLY well.
Regarding the portable up there.. VERY interesting indeed. If he emulate games like Donkey Kong Snes with our perfect speed.. It would be nice!
Mas before I buy my Nintendo DS. I'm dying to have a. Abrasive!


Face, very good indeed! I bought a little time um GBA, taste of nostalgia, old games, if I can play games like sunset riders, dk, mario kart, cadillacs and dinossaurs!!! Putz, will be perfect! Further games can take place for qq, d qd is silly at home, So plugar TV! Very good indeed I just bought one on dealextreme =) For those who Tell me about the new portable, sure each one has its strengths. No use to say that one is better than the other.. is a matter of taste, then, lose less time talking and more playing! Thanks!!

Fábio Pio

I wonder how do I emulate Neo Geo…


opa… DS also perfectly emulates neo geo…. it is amazing to see…


Funny talk that demeans psp ds already qo is the best selling portable ds, ultimately, Dingoo this looks pretty interesting, the problem would be to make time for so many games, I can not keep up with the postings for ds, and I mtos ps2 games d q'm still trying to play, I imagine if one of these arrumasse… would have q quit the job and college hahaha

Mauro Martins

Good, eu acabei de comprar o meu no dealextreme 😉

There are other laptops that purport to emulation, o GP2x (that in its new version, a Wiz, even comes with AMOLED screen, sensational) e o Gemei 760+. What made me choose the Dingoo were factors: 1-price, it is half the GP2X, 2-the adoption community. At the end of May, bootaram to Linux kernel nele. Today, we already have a GUI, Doom, SCUMMVM (it is, gives him to play Indiana Jones!), SNES and MAME emulator, an MP3 player better than the original, not to mention that you can still use the original rom the same. O GP2x, have already for years and years, I followed much of your scene because of Dreamcast, but never noticed a mass adoption so, mainly because of its price, that was always close to PSP.

Ah, and who said he did not know that emulates Legal NeoGeo console: O emulates Xbox, emulates the Dreamcast waaaay too well!


Just one question… for those who already bought this Dingoo in DealExtreme, it comes with insurance kso is lost??? And what forms of payment they accept???

MSD Santos

Putz!!! Ha I convenceram!! I'll even buy a Dingoo, just enter a din din!! =D

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Case that nojo, Can I??? in the middle of a “gerra” between consoles of last generation, make a portable rotten and unoriginal, that depend on resources platafomas earlier so I can sell, kkkkkkkkkkkkk Graça é que falta num!!!! I'd rather stick with my PSP does all that and even infinite times +++++++++++ ,no one thing that is better than the Dingoo PSP, gives to play on the bus without fear of being mugged ( nobody wants this crap even!!!!!!!!!!! )


I'm there with a 2 days and loved.

Before buying googled quite what people said about him, hardware quality etc.. As I bought here in Brazil the same importer had already installed it without me asking a lot of rom. I'm very happy with it, bought by emulators and mp3 player.

MSD Santos

Below fanboys, that Acham “garotos propaganda” brand using.
As I said above, is pure matter of taste. Fanboys, e.g. like mark, I like practicality, other colleagues like content, other quality, and there will…

But that's it, I bought my Dingoo and I'm very pleased with it, does everything I expected and then some (and even more so with the Dingux!!), has become an essential tool in my day-to-day.

For those who like…

Americo Nemo

We go the… Dingoo to vote for President. He is very good, and for those who want to emulate ONLY one portable Game Memorabilia (that often exceed the current and much-Vide Sonic where are the best yet from the MegaDrive) The Dingoo is absurdly better than the PSP. And who uses emulation for PS2, it has also lost, because it is too horrible. In both systems Sony, Nau speed is good and the sound is sofrivel. Up to emulate video games as well as the old Nintendinho of 8bits for PS2 or PSP seems to be difficult task. And for those (I like) who want to enjoy RPG Classics in Portuguese (Como para Snes Chrono Trigger) it suffers a bit, lives since giving slowdowns in PSP and the sound is not perfect (yet the PSP to emulate Snes is less worse than the PS2). In good, if they want truth in videogame emulator for real, buy an Xbox 1, he perfectly emulates ALL, and only 2 systems will not reach the 100% it's the PS1 and N64, yet, are very good… But with Captain Commando 4 jogadores em perfeita velocidade e som só nos PCs… Read more "


'm Really imprecionado with the dingo even more now that the A330 comes with the power of Drobo'm hoping this comes out and I can buy that many iram dingo because with this Gerra anti piracy are the main forgetting what people really want to save what .
I want to see the durability of aparelho.

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