Marginal corinthianos prey Morumbi

After the classic St. Paul X Corinthians, What happened this past Sunday at Morumbi stadium, Corinthians fans enraged vandalized part of the stadium, tearing guardrails and seats, breaking glass partitions between the toilets and sectors of bathrooms. Moreover vandalized cars that were parked nearby.

Remember that the week was marked by protests and insults board Corinthians, outraged by the attitude of São Paulo to offer only 10% Tickets for the fans of Corinthians. The attitude was totally valid, São Paulo since only exercised their right, for he was the mastermind of the match, and the regulation was only obligated to provide those same 10% the tickets to the fans of rival club. This happens all over the world, and it is perfectly natural that the book club mastermind most of their own stadium to its fans. The complaint board Corinthians is ridiculous and should have been ignored, but the press gambazenta decided to put fuel on the fire, which increased the fury of the Vandals acabaram by depredate the stage.

It is also important to note that the Corinthians spent all week complaining that wanted more tickets, but failed to sell even the 10% which he had received any, having to return a good portion of those tickets to Sao Paulo, in other words, if they had received a greater share would be even greater vexation.

I am in favor of the client may have the option not to sell any ticket to the club's fans club opponent, making only a twisted classic, which would diminish the very possibility of conflicts and violence between rival fans before and after the game, and also allowed the clubs that have stadium could preserve its heritage preventing the entry of marginal or club whose stadium has and because of that they want to break the other. And is not the first time that fans of rival clubs prey on the Sao Paulo Morumbi and it ends with injury.

Here are some photos of the destruction wrought by vandals in Morumbi Corinthians fans on the official website of São Paulo Futebol Clube.

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