DealExtreme: Card Reader SD / SDHC / MMC / TF Pisen High Speed ​​USB 2.0 (Pisen High Speed USB 2.0 SDHC SD/MMC/TF Card Reader)

Recently I made a purchase in DealExtreme de to card reader of Siyoteam, that came with defect, functioned as read only. After contact with DX, they offered a replacement, but fearing that all had the same defect Siyoteam asked them to send me the Card Reader SD / SDHC / MMC / TF Pisen High Speed ​​USB 2.0 (Pisen High Speed USB 2.0 SDHC SD/MMC/TF Card Reader), I'd just be included in the store, in the hope that it would work better. The Pisen is even cheaper than the Siyoteam, and the DX agreed to my request.

The card reader of Pisen came in a plain packaging, cardboard blue and yellow with a sturdy plastic shell. In front entries “Pisen” and “SD”, besides some inscriptions in Chinese. On the back some specifications: model lê cartões SD / SDHC / MMC / MMC II / RS MMC / Ultra II SD / Extreme SD / Extreme III SD / Mini SD (with adapter)/T-Flash Card (with adapter). Support Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista or MAC OS 8.6.9.X or higher. It also supports the function “Ready Boost” Windows Vista. Its speed is 150X, the speed of which varies depending on the CARD. Still in the back has a boy with a happy face with a camera in hand and some inscriptions in Chinese, he would be a famous photographer in China? A date also appears above the barcode: 07/01/2009, probably manufacture date.

Embalagem do Leitor de Cartões SD da Pisen

Packaging Card Reader SD Pisen

Parte traseira da embalagem do leitor de cartões SD da Pisen

Back Packing SD card reader of Pisen

The disadvantage, relative to Siyoteam, Pisen does not directly reads microSD, which is not a problem for me, because only microSD use on mobile and I record it for Bluetooth. The reader has two caps, one to the USB port and one for the slot cards. Unlike Siyoteam, this reader you can close the cover with the card inserted, which is useful for those who want to use it as a stick sometimes. The translucent blue plastic allows you to see the internal components, the circuit board brings inscriptions with the manufacturer's website:, a inscrição “SD_REEADER_SM331”, where SM331 is probably the model. Pisen the card readers are found only in the Chinese version of the site, which is also one driver para Windows 98 downloadable. Although the circuit board have entries “See:00”, “0850”, “Pisen_SD2” and “ROHS”.

Leitor de Cartões SD da Pisen

SD Card Reader Pisen

Leitor de Cartões SD da Pisen

SD Card Reader Pisen

Leitor de Cartões SD da Pisen (sem as tampas)

SD Card Reader Pisen (without lids)

Leitor de Cartões SD da Pisen com cartão SD inserido

SD card reader with SD card inserted Pisen

Once inserted into a USB port on a PC with Windows Vista player was promptly identified and installed without asking for any driver. Windows with the identfica “Generic USB SD Reader USB Device”. In the upper part of the reader there is a red LED indicates that the activity.

The following presents the Sisoft Sandra benchmark results when applied in card reader with a card Sandisk Ultra II:

Benchmark Results
Device Index : 3332ops/minute
Endurance Factor : 40.50
Results Interpretation : Higher index values are better.

Performance vs. Speed
Drive Index : 6.94ops/minute/Mbps
Results Interpretation : Higher index values are better.

512bytes Files Test
Read Performance : 25939ops/minute, 216.16kB/s, 1.44X
Write Performance : 2068ops/minute, 17.23kB/s, 0.11X
Delete Performance : 3120ops/minute
File Fragments : 1.0
Combined Index : 4650ops/minute

32kB Files Test
Read Performance : 16349ops/minute, 8.52MB/s, 58.13X
Write Performance : 2006ops/minute, 1.04MB/s, 7.13X
Delete Performance : 3187ops/minute
File Fragments : 1.0
Combined Index : 4181ops/minute

256kB Files Test
Read Performance : 3919ops/minute, 16.33MB/s, 111.47X
Write Performance : 1244ops/minute, 5.18MB/s, 35.38X
Delete Performance : 3232ops/minute
File Fragments : 1.0
Combined Index : 1979ops/minute

2MB Files Test
Read Performance : 562ops/minute, 18.73MB/s, 127.89X
Write Performance : 223ops/minute, 7.43MB/s, 50.74X
Delete Performance : 3029ops/minute
File Fragments : 1.0
Combined Index : 335ops/minute

64MB Files Test
Read Performance : 18ops/minute, 19.20MB/s, 131.07X
Write Performance : 9ops/minute, 9.60MB/s, 65.54X
Delete Performance : 1237ops/minute
File Fragments : 1.0
Combined Index : 12ops/minute

256MB Files Test
Read Performance : 4ops/minute, 17.07MB/s, 116.51X
Write Performance : 2ops/minute, 8.53MB/s, 58.25X
Delete Performance : 390ops/minute
File Fragments : 3.0
Combined Index : 3ops/minute

Performance Test Status
Run ID : Generic USB SD Reader 1GB (USB)
Platform Compliance : x64
System Timer : 14.32MHz

Endurance Test Status
Operating System Disk Cache Used : On
Use Overlapped I/O : On
Test File Size : 32MB
Block Size : 512bytes
File Fragments : 1

Endurance Benchmark Breakdown
Repeated Sector ReWrite : 113kB/s
Sequential Sector Write : 370kB/s
Random Sector Write : 4kB/s

Total Size : 968.38MB
Free Space : 968.11MB, 100%
Cluster Size : 16kB

Physical Disk
Manufacturer : Generic
Model : USB SD Reader
Version : 1.00
Interface : USB
Removable Drive : Yes
Queueing On : On

Performance Tips
Notice 5901 : CD 1x= 150kB/s; Exercise caution when comparing measured versus published CD ratings.
Notice 5008 : To change benchmarks, click Options.
Notice 5004 : Synthetic benchmark. May not tally with ‘real-life’ performance.
Notice 5006 : Only compare the results with ones obtained using the same version!
Notice 5207 : Consider using the File System Benchmark for non-Flash devices.
Notice 5900 : Endurance factor can only be used on the same type of device (SLC or MLC).
Tip 11 : Use the ‘Switch Chart Type’ button to switch between Detailed and Combined charts.
Tip 2 : Double-click tip or press Enter while a tip is selected for more information about the tip.

Considero that the results were good, as he came to 131X, near the nominal 150X. The remaining steps are for reference, the manufacturer does not specify anything other measures in no way compare. But the experience of copy / remove files it seems to be very good.

A DealExtreme made the submission in 09/02/2009, Without Registration, as is common in replacements, and only reached on day 04/03/2009, almost a month later, the package including the registered Kit Transmissor/Receptor de Audio e Video Gadmei, sent after that eventually came before. The package was inspected by the IRS to Curitiba, as the stamp that indicates it was released, without taxation. It was used to label the Drop Shipment, no content description, the declared value was 19 Hong Kong dollars (HKD) and the package was marked as present (Gift). The IRS Curitiba often taxing virtually everything that goes on there, then the question is what this package of card reader that has got through unscathed, I would point two factors: a) Unregistered is a package and b) is a small package and low volume. The first case is not the first time it happens, because dedo of mouse + battery pack that were also a replacement Without Registration also passed unscathed. The second case also occurred before, with a package 4 Batteries, registered, who also went unscathed, probably because small. I do not want to risk with unregistered packets on future purchases, since the mail here have gone with two of them, but it is good to know that small things (as batteries and related) are spending without taxing. On the other hand there have been cases of cheap packages taxed with value above fair, and this can be a pain-in-the head more to ask for review.

Embalagem da DealExtreme, liberada pela Receita Federal de Curitiba

Packing DealExtreme, released by the IRS in Curitiba

In short, note 10 for a DealExtreme more successful an RMA, ponto practical Pisen, by the Card Reader SD / SDHC / MMC / TF Pisen High Speed ​​USB 2.0 (Pisen High Speed USB 2.0 SDHC SD/MMC/TF Card Reader) at least initially is working perfectly. And another big ZERO for the Brazilian federal government because, even if that packet has been released, we know that for those who live within SP remains a dilemma buy the DX because of the taxes that the Federal Revenue of Curitiba applies in almost all.

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